Military Veterans March on D.C. May 30, Memorial Day

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Criticize ‘Outrageous’ Trump Defense Budget Increase, Urge  All Vets – in TV Ad – to Attend and Demand Peace at Home & Abroad

WASHINGTON D.C.  – In response to President Trump’s “outrageous” $54 billion defense-spending increase, military veterans are being called to the nation’s capital May 30/Memorial Day to demand “Peace at Home and Peace Abroad.” And they’re using television commercials in D.C.  to spread the call for peace.

“Wherever you are, your presence is respectfully and urgently requested in Washington, DC, on May 30 at the Lincoln Memorial. At this historic site—95 years after its inauguration on May 30, 1922—at 11 a.m., nationally and internationally known speakers and musicians will convey our adamant determination to achieve Peace at Home and Peace Abroad,” is the message of Veterans for Peace and other vet groups.

Veterans are expected to “underscore” their demands by marching down Constitution Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, to “Again state our case for Peace at Home and Peace Abroad.”

The call for veterans to participate is not only being sent via social media but through a hard-hitting television commercial now being aired in and around Washington D.C.. The commercial shows vets demanding an “end to perpetual war.”

VFP and other veterans groups released this statement: “Planning for this was started in response to VFP’s galvanizing statement about Trump’s Military Budget and our desire and responsibility as veterans, citizens and human beings to express our strong resistance to his policies and our commitment to find a better way to peace.

“Donald Trump and his administration appear to be destroying this planet with utter disregard for our children and grandchildren. The Trump administration recently fired 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria, in violation of international and U.S. law. After that, the largest non-nuclear bomb was dropped on Afghanistan, an impoverished country that has suffered enough already. Trump has been making threats towards North Korea that could initiate a nuclear war – WWIII. He says, he will not tell anyone ahead of time what he will do.

“Veterans cannot be silent. On May 29th and 30th Veterans For Peace and other veterans groups will be in Washington, DC, to make our collective veterans’ voices heard loud and clear….(we) will gather for a solemn and respectful occasion to deliver letters at the Vietnam Memorial Wall and to remember all combatants and civilians who died in Vietnam and all wars. We will mourn the tragic and preventable loss of life calling for people to abolish war in the name of those who have died and for the sake of all those who live today.

“On the 30th we will boldly and loudly demand an end to war, an end to the assault on our planet, an end to abuse and oppression of all people and to stand for peace and justice at home and abroad.”