Critical Time to Stop Fast Track and the TPP

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We’ve covered the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) many times over the past several years. It is a huge international agreement that covers trade and enhances corporate power that has been negotiated in secret by the Obama administration for more than five years. Members of Congress have had restricted access to the text of the agreement and can’t talk about it when they do see it. The commercial media has had a virtual blackout on the TPP until recently. However, corporate lobbyists have had direct access to the text and have been helping to write it. Now that the agreement is close to being fully negotiated, the President is pushing Congress to give him the power, called Fast Track, to sign it before they see it. If Fast Track passes, Congress will have limited time to review and discuss what is in the agreement and will only be allowed to vote yes or no on it. We are in a critical time to stop this dangerous trade agreement. Some call it “NAFTA on steroids.” To discuss what is in the agreement and how we stop it, we speak with Adam Weissman of Trade Justice New York and Nancy Price of the Alliance for Democracy.


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Critical Time to Stop Fast Track and the TPP with Adam Weissman and Nancy Price by Clearingthefog on Mixcloud


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1adamwAdam Weissman is an organizer with Global Justice for Animals and the Environment (GJAE), which addresses the threat posed by free trade agreements to animals; the environment; safe, just, and sustainable food; and the human rights of environmental defenders. Adam represents Global Justice for Animals and the Environment in TradeJustice New York Metro, a coalition of grassroots organizations from diverse social movements working together to resist the NAFTA free trade model.




1nncypNancy Price has been associated with the Alliance for Democracy since the founding convention in 1996, and is currently Co-Chair and Western Coordinator of the Defending Water for Life Campaign. She helped launch the Tapestry of the Commons Project and writes for Justice Rising, AfD’s Magazine ( Working to end corporate rule, AfD’s currently advocates to creation of municipal “TPP-Frees Zones” (

Additionally, Nancy is on the Leadership Team of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s Earth Democracy Issue Group, is member of the Global Climate Convergence: People, Planet, Peace over Profit Coordinating Committee, and is on the Board of the Liberty Tree Foundation.