Solutions to the Housing Crisis with Michael Carlson and Nancie Koerber

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The artificial inflation of the housing market, predatory lending practices and fraudulent behavior by Big Finance which created the collapse of the housing market and epidemic of evictions, calls into question whether housing is a commodity that should be subject to the whims of the market or a human right that is not commodified. We explore ways that people are creating permanently affordable housing in their communities and taking on the Big Banks to hold them accountable, prevent foreclosure and strengthen their local economies. Our guests are Michael Carlson, former director of the Madison Area Community Land Trust and now the maintenance director for the Madison Cooperative Community, and Nancie Koerber of Project REconomy in Oregon.

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Solving the Housing Crisis: Affordable Housing with Michael Carlson and Nancie Koerber by Clearingthefog on Mixcloud

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Mike CarlsonMichael Carlson graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison who started as a crew supervisor for Operation Fresh Start which worked with young people to make significant changes in their lives. He then served as Director of Community Development at the Habitat for Humanity of Dane County, the Executive Director of the Madison Area Community Land Trust and now as the Maintenance Coordinator at Madison Community Cooperative.



Nancie KoerberNancie Koerber is the Founder, Executive Director and Principal Broker of Project REconomy an Oregon Non-profit. Nancie has thirty-five years of experience in Real Estate, is a professional public speaker, trainer, consultant and published writer. Nancie has trained extensively at conventions and customized in-house programs on sales, marketing, barter, strategic planning, telephone skills, customer service, market trends, economics and winning in a down market.

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