The Growing Effort to Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

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This Monday at 11 am EDT/8 am Pacific on Clearing the FOG, we will discuss the growing effort to stop the rigged corporate trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This deal affects every issue we care about from food safety to the cost of medicines to jobs and wages, protection of the environment, internet freedom and more. The TPP gives corporations more power to sue governments, even down to the local level, and to challenge court decisions if laws that protect workers, consumers and the environment interfere with profits. David Newby of the Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition and Ruth Caplan of the Alliance for Democracy will speak about communities that are passing resolutions to declare themselves “TPP Free Zones.” And Arthur Stamoulis of Citizens Trade Campaign will tell us about an international day of action on Dec. 3 and what else is being done to stop the TPP.

Listen here:

Communities Say “No” to Trans-Pacific Partnership with David Newby, Ruth Caplan and Arthur Stamoulis by Clearingthefog on Mixcloud

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1davidnewbyDavid Newby is past President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO and currently serves as President of the Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition.






1ruthcaplanRuth Caplan is the National Coordinator for the Alliance for Democracy’s Defending Water for Life Campaign. She worked with town of Barnstead NH to pass the first ordinance in the country to declare water to be a fundamental right, to deny corporations the right to take the water for profit, and to deny corporations constitutional rights in the town. She has organized around the WTO’s General Agreement on Trade in Services to oppose the privatization of water services and wrote “Trading Away Our Water: How Trade Agreements Promote Corporate Water Profiteering.” She appears in the documentary Tapped and wrote the discussion guide for the documentary Thirst.

Other highlights not directly related to water:

• 1990’s coordinated the interdisciplinary Economics Working Group which produced a General Agreement on a New Economy, GANE, not GATT, a community centered system for full employment and local sustainability based on identifying local needs through a visioning process, with functions at the regional and national levels to ensure economic justice and support for the communities.

• 1982-92 lobbied for safe energy/renewables then served as Executive Director of Environmental Action and Environmental Action Foundation created to continue building the national grassroots movement begun by the first Earth Day in 1970.

• 1970’s played a key role in regional organizing and successful legal interventions which prevented the construction of three nuclear units and a nuclear waste incinerator on Lake Ontario.

1arthurstamoulisArthur Stamoulis is Executive Director of Citizens Trade Campaign which was founded in 1992 as a national coalition of organizations to oppose NAFTA. CTC is one of the organizations leading the fight to expose and oppose the TPP. They recently sent a letter to Congress opposing Fast Track that was signed by 400 organizations. Visit