Monsanto’s Minions In Senate Move To Kill GMO Labeling

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Above photo: A sign at a rally in front of the U.S. Capitol building. (Photo: Occupy Monsanto/@gmo917/Twitter)

1monNow that we’re so close to our first big GMO labeling victory—Vermont’s mandatory labeling law scheduled to take effect July 1—Monsanto is going with the only strategy it has left to block it: a Senate version of the DARK Act.

Roberts’ Senate bill is not identical to H.R. 1599, or what we refer to as the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act. But it aims to accomplish the same thing: block states from passing mandatory GMO labeling laws.

TAKE ACTION: Ask Your Senators to reject Sen. Roberts’ bill to preempt Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law! 

If Roberts’  bill makes it through the Senate, either as is, or with a “compromise” that involves delaying the implementation of Vermont’s law, mandatory labeling will die.

What won’t change? Food companies will not be required to disclose GMO ingredients. Ever.

Roberts’ bill, introduced on behalf of Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, is  just another example of U.S. politicians doing the bidding of Monsanto and giant food corporations. 

States have historically had the right to pass their own food safety and labeling laws. And according to this legal analysis of states’ rights to pass GMO labeling laws, Vermont has a constitutional right to enact its GMO labeling law on schedule, on July 1.

Food companies already know how to provide clear, on-package labeling for consumers. They do it in 60 other countries. And Campbell’s recently announced that it will label the GMO ingredients in all of its products, in all 50 states in the U.S., at no extra cost to consumers.

If the politicians in Washington D.C. are truly concerned about preventing a “patchwork” of state laws, but want us to believe they represent voters, not corporations, they have a clear path forward: pass a mandatory federal labeling law that meets or exceeds the standards set by Vermont’s law.

Thanks to millions of consumers like you, we stopped the House version of the DARK Act. Now, we have to stop the Senate version which would keep Vermont’s law from taking effect, and replace it with a voluntary labeling scheme.

Don’t let corporate greed and corrupt politics steal your victory in Vermont!

TAKE ACTION: Ask Your Senators to reject Sen. Roberts’ bill to preempt Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law!