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More Than 25 Cities Light Up The Night Against Prisons & Migrant Detention Camps

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On New Year’s Eve, in over 25 cities across so-called North America, anarchists, abolitionists, and autonomous anti-capitalists took part in noise demonstrations outside of ICE detention facilities, jails, and prisons. Here’s a roundup of all the action we could track down. If we missed something, be sure to message us on Twitter @IGD_News, or send us an action report by email at info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org.

Seattle, WA:

Tumwater, WA:

Noise demo organized.

Sacramento, CA:

Los Angeles, CA:

Austin, TX:

Noise demo organized.

Oklahoma City, OK:

Chicago, IL:

Milwaukee, WI:

Cincinnati, OH:

Noise demo was organized.

Baldwin, MI:

Omaha, NE:

Noise demo was organized.

Minneapolis, MN:

South Bend, IN:

Noise demo organized.

Evansville, IN:

Noise demo was organized.

Norfolk, VA:

Tidewater Solidarity Collective@solidarity757



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Alexandria, VA:

Ⓐ #GrumpyCuntSec Ⓐ@brazenqueer

Police just showed up at the NYE noise demo for Chelsea Manning and Jeremy Hammond. Only one for now. Keeping eyes on.

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Ⓐ #GrumpyCuntSec Ⓐ@brazenqueer

We out here making noise for @xychelsea and @FreeJeremyNet! Fire to the prisons!

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Ⓐ #GrumpyCuntSec Ⓐ@brazenqueer

Spending my New Year at a jail because what the hell else am I gonna do?

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Richmond, VA:

Goad Gatsby@GoadGatsby

Noice Demo outside of the Richmond jail.

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New Orleans, LA:

Noise demo was organized.

Durham, NC:

It’s Going Down@IGD_News

Fireworks explode outside of the local jail during the annual noise demonstration in , NC.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL:

Noise demo was organized.

Gainesville, FL:

It’s Going Down@IGD_News

demo organized by @iwoc_gnv lights up the night outside a prison in .

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Baltimore, MD:

Noise demo was organized.

Pittsburgh, PA:

Noise demo was organized.

New York, NY:


Noise demo outside MCC.
Free them all.

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Beautiful New Years Eve noise demo in thanks to @nycabc
For those locked up at MCC!
We upheld the martyrs of our movement: Robert Seth Hayes, Tom Manning, and all those who committed to the fight!

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South Burlington, VT:


Hamilton, ON:

North Shore Counter-Info@nscounterinfo

“For the 11th year in a row, anarchists and other rebels gathered on New Year’s eve to march on the Barton Jail. This is an international tradition, rooted in showing our disgust for prisons and their world and our solidarity with all prisoners” 

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Montreal, QC:

Jon Milton@514jon

Another year, another noise demonstration outside prisons near Montreal. At a time of year that’s particularly tough to be locked up, 200 people made noise and lit off fireworks outside barbed wire fences to remind those inside they’re not alone.

Until they’re all free ✊

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