Moreno Flees Capital Of Ecuador As Thousands Of Indigenous Enter City

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Above Photo: According to the National Indigenous of Ecuador (CONAIE) around 20,000 people from various Indigenous communities are part of the march. | Photo: Ecu911

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno informed the seat of government has been moved to Guayaquil.

UPDATE 21H00 local time

In his short five-minute televised speech, the Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno informed the seat of government has been moved to Guayaquil. The president then went ahead to accuse, with no evidence, that the protests against his government are financed by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and former Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.

With the Military Brass standing behind him and both, his vice president and minister of defense to each side, the head of state then reiterated that he won’t back down from the decision to eliminate fuel subsidies as he dubbed it “historic.”

The National Assembly has not issued any statement so far.

Thousands of Indigenous peoples stemming from both the north and south of Ecuador have reached the capital city Monday night, as reports from across the country show that security forces are violently enforcing the decreed state of exception.

A few hours earlier, military personel placed inside the presidential palace evacuated all press members that were waiting for 16h00 local time press conference from President Lenin Moreno, who is in Guayaquil at the moment.

According to the National Indigenous of Ecuador (CONAIE) around 20,000 people from various Indigenous communities are part of the march which demands President Lenin Moreno to reverse the neoliberal economic austerity package announced last Wednesday.

“We have completely closed the dialogue with the government, there is no dialogue until we reach the capital … We are not here to negotiate behind the people’s backs. The people have risen and that is what we are going to respect,” Conaie’s President Jaime Vargas said.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court issued a ruling endorsing the state of exception in Ecuador. Social media users have denounced extreme violence coming from military and police forces across the country.

In the southern outskirts of Quito in Santa Rosa, one of the military tanks the government deployed to face the Indigenous march was neutralized by the demonstrators, protesting Moreno’s neoliberal economic measures. The armed vehicle was pushed down a ramp and set on fire.

The national strikes have been called by various unions on Oct. 3 after Moreno announced “Paquetazo”, a package of austerity policies to comply with suggestions presented by the International Monetary Fund in exchange for billions of dollars of loans.

Due to the mobilizations and road closures, classes were suspended throughout the country. The General Secretariat of Communication issues a statement saying school classes had to resume Monday but then issued a later statement declaring the closure of schools in the highlands areas.

  • Infarction

    During the past two decades the illegitimate US government in the White House, Congress and the courts with the aid of the deep-state surveillance agencies have been forcing a neoliberal austerity agenda on workers. Civil liberties and human rights have all but vanished as the US Constitution is routinely ignored by the dominant class and its goons in the occupation force (police).

    The mass demonstrations occurring in Ecuador have so frightened the right-wing government that it fled from the capital. This is precisely what is needed in the US. In the US We the People are afraid of the government. But in a democratic state, the government fears We the People.

    I wonder what it will take to arouse the wrath of the working class against the tiny group of psychopaths and parasites that are sucking the blood out of our nation.

  • voza0db

    Another GREAT International Monetary Fuckers (IMF) operation taking place… with the expected result of Herd uprising!

    And the scoundrel blames Maduro and Correa… Funny.

  • voza0db

    Do you think that SCOUNDREL Moreno would flee the capital if these were non-violent protests?

  • Margaret Flowers

    Yes, because they were and he did.

  • voza0db

    So… for you “non-violent” protests include destroying and burning Army vehicles!

  • Margaret Flowers

    If they are being used to attack protesters, yes. Nonviolence includes the right to self defense.

  • voza0db

    Extrapolating that to human vs human… if an human disguised as cop/military attacks/hurts/kills another human without disguise others can use violence in self defense or just to avenge the one that was hurt/killed. Seems clear that the use of the term “nonviolence” is not suitable!

    Better to be HONEST and FRANK and go full on violence!

    How to solve the Oligarchy problem…

  • subcomandante Felix

    El pueblo unido jamás será vencido
    El pueblo armado jamás será aplastado

  • subcomandante Felix

    “When there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advice violence, ……. Let no one say when I am gone that I taught the people to be cowards” Mahatma Gandhi

  • mwildfire

    For me, yes. Property destruction does not equal violence. It’s often a stupid tactic, but in this case it was an Army tank that was damaged–and you call the damage violence, not bringing military equipment to face off disgruntled people?

  • mwildfire

    A couple points. First I read somewhere internal communications in which the Powers That Be referred to the” IMF riots” meaning that part of the regular program of neollberal oppression is that the IMF grants a loan, then demands a Structural Adjustment package in which aid to the poor is slashed, and public goods privatized–and they EXPECT riots in response. Doesn’t bother them, just another day in the occupation. In this case, though, Mreno heading for the hills–or rather, heading for the lowlands–does look like panic. And that’s my other point–I spent a summer in Ecuador once, and can tell you that the indigenous live mostly in the mountains that run down through the middle of the country, and also in the more sparsely populated jungles to the east. The west coast, which is where Guayaquil, actually the largest city, is, is where most of the white and also some black people live. So moving the capital to the coast is about getting farther from where the greatest concentrations of indigenous people live–it’s they who tossed out a number of rightwing governments in the past.

  • voza0db

    For me the only good form of protests that modern slaves can do does not even consider non-violence.

    But I’m just a modern dumb slave…

  • kevinzeese

    What has your involvement been in protests? Violent? Nonviolent? Have you studied the history of successful social movement? It sounds like you haven’t.

  • voza0db

    Yes… so successful that we are in the Glorious present REALITY!

  • Howard

    It is so easy to be wrathful and negative. If the protests had been violent they would have had the military massacre them. Yes, we need a big enough protest to replace our government in an electoral revolution that demands publicly counted paper ballots and votes against the money regime.

  • voza0db

    I just don’t get it why you guys keep beating the dead forms of protests either violent or non-violent!

    The MONETARY SYSTEM is not CHANGEABLE via votes!

  • Howard

    A movement builds protests, the bigger (people in the streets) and broader (people within institutions blowing whistles) the better. That there will be violence is a given, that is their bailiwick, but non-violent numbers can win over enough of the guards to bring change and changing the money system from private to public is a basic requirement for democracy.

    We are in the process of building an electoral revolution that will demand publicly counted paper ballots. Historically polarization is driven by economic inequality that is generated by the policies of the economic elite, i.e. the .001 percent who dominate the money power, not just our country but the entire world. And, it is the stress of economic inequality that causes right-wing neo-fascist movements to emerge as they are now. More importantly when violent right-wing movements are met with violent left wing opposition, right-wing movements get stronger, often strong enough to install a brutal dictator as happened in Germany and Italy during the Great Depression.

    However, when the left instead pursued multi-dimensional non-violent strategies maintaining their focus on the real culprits of injustice and inequality, the top capital holders and their banks, they were successful in pushing the economic elite off their pedestals despite the violence the elite used to protect their privilege. This is how the social democracies happened in the Nordic countries at the same time in the 30s. History provides us a valuable lesson here. The stakes are bigger now and we have to have a bigger and broader solution.

  • voza0db

    Hello Howard.

    You mention History but you seem not to embrace the Reality that History show us.

    The current Owners of the Monetary System have been so for 3+ centuries! They’ve passed through all those events, from local violent (regional wars) to global violence (world wars) without a single scratch.

    Clearly we need do perform some cuts in the reign of the SRF!

  • Howard

    I embrace the lessons of history and just shared some with you. We’re talking about the revolution that has never been won, right? We want to change history.