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Most Patriotic Float: Activists, Whistleblowers And Muckrackers

In New Mexico, the Arroyo Seco 4th of July Parade Selects Activists As Most Patriotic

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Parade Was Part of the Rolling Rebellion For Real Democracy — Join It!

Rolling Rebellion Taos 4th of July Parade gratitudeActivists, whistleblowers, and muckrakers received an unexpected honor when Love-In-Action Taos marched in the Arroyo Seco Fourth of July Parade. Love-In-Action’s Unsung Heroes procession, joined by members of CODEPINK Taos, featured five giant puppets of Rosa Parks, Sadako Sasaki, Amy Goodman, Dolores Huerta, and Winona LaDuke; over seventy prayer flag banners honoring those who work for social change, large banners and signs, and informational fliers to hand out to the crowd.

To the marchers surprise, they were awarded a prize for “Most Patriot” by the Arroyo Seco Merchants Association – a decision that brought whoops of joy and tears to their eyes. It is rare that activists, whistleblowers, and muckrakers are acknowledged for the important roles they play in our society. As the Rolling Rebellion for Real Democracy kicks off, Love-In-Action Taos was honored to march in support of the long lineage of change makers who have stood up for democracy and social justice throughout US history.

Love-In-Action is a network of locally organized, interconnected groups dedicated to nonviolent action. The Love-In-Action Network empowers citizens through education, discussion, and action, providing opportunities to collectively and individually study nonviolent action, and preparing for the necessary struggle to ensure our health, well-being, and a future for humanity.

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