Mother Of Slain Medic Goes To Border Fence, Vows Her Daughter’s Mission Will Not End

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Above Photo: Sabreen al-Najjar, and her daughter, left.

The murders by Israeli snipers against nonviolent Palestinian protesters continue. At least 122 unarmed protesters have been killed and close to 3,800 have been wounded by Israeli army fire since the marches began March 30. No Israeli casualties have occurred in the more than two months of rallies along the tense border. Mondoweiss reports “The Israeli forces dropped leaflets by drones on the Gaza Strip Thursday morning, warning residents “not to get close to the border or try to attack Israelis”. After the drone notice four Palestinian protesters were killed and hundreds others wounded by Israeli sharpshooters during the eleventh weekly protests along the Gaza – Israel fence, the Gaza Ministry of Health reported.

Yesterday paramedics staged a march along the eastern borders of Gaza with the family of the medic shot dead last week, Razan al-Najjar.

The 21-year old paramedic was killed when Israeli troops opened live fire on tens of protesters near the fence east of Khan Younis. Al-Najjar was attending to wounded protesters.

Her mother Sabreen explained why she was attending the demonstration, below. “For me, coming here is more powerful than words. I came to complete my daughter’s mission…. We will continue working tirelessly until the whole world gets our message.”