Movement Reclaims MLK Legacy

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Above: From the MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles for jobs, justice and peace; not war, poverty and racism. 

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend there was a call by #BlackLivesMatter to #ReclaimMLK. Events were held all over the country responding to the call and the radical Martin Luther King, jr was brought to people’s hearts; not only the King who expressed his dream on racism, but the King who questioned the unfairness in the US capitalist economy and the long history of a foreign policy dominated by militarism. At the end of his life not only was he speaking clearly on these issues but he was organizing around poverty, planning a Poor People’s March to Washington, DC. This march continued after his death and Resurrection City, an earlier occupation of the city, that focused on poverty and economic issues.

Popular Resistance did its part in reclaiming MLK by publishing several articles on the real Dr. King.  See MLK’s Hate Mail Parallels Criticism Of Black Lives Matter MovementHow We Misunderstand The History Of Black ProtestMartin Luther King Jr. Had A Dream. We Can Make It Come TrueMLK For Sale? How To Package A RadicalProtests, Boycott Greet Rahm Emanuel At MLK BreakfastThe Forgotten, Radical Martin Luther King Jr. and Beyond Capitalism: A Revolution Of Values. Some of these articles were republications from previous years because we have long thought that the full Dr. King must be remembered not the version we see in the mainstream media and with many elected officials.

In their call to action to #ReclaimMLK, the movement wrote:

After more than a year of sustained resistance, we continue this tradition of resistance in 2016 with a renewed commitment to push for the kind of change that can transform our communities for the better.

We have used our voices, bodies, and hearts to shut down institutions that harm us and affirm what heals us. Our movement demands lasting justice and true power over the destinies of our communities— and the King legacy demands nothing less.

In an election year that is sure to be full of capitulation and disappointment, we must #ReclaimMLK and what it means to honor that legacy. Let’s continue what we began in 2015— ensuring that MLK weekend is forever known as a time of national, visible resistance to injustice.

We agree. Popular Resistance will continue to do all it can to #ReclaimMLK and build the movement for a transformative revolutionary change in values that we know is needed.


Below are tweets from #ReclaimMLK:

  • AlanMacDonald

    Killary in a word is ‘pro-Empire’ —- while Bernie is unequivocally ‘anti-Empire’ — and on that reality and truth our future rests.

    The most ‘politically conscious’ element of our entire society, the black community, needs to appreciate, support, and be joyful that Bernie has actually already ‘gone Bulworth’ — while Obama said he has only on occasions of stress thought about “going Bulworth” in terms of truth-telling about how this Empire acts in being a militarist empire abroad and oppressing all working class people with economic tyranny at home.

    Bulworth (1/5) Movie CLIP – South Central Speech (1998) HD —

    Sanders, you got to be the Spirit — don’t be a ghost — ‘out’ the Empire that is keeping us all down!


    We will always honor the memories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ella Baker, Harriet Tubman, and other Brothers plus Sisters who stood up for freedom.