Movement Strategy For Our Times

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In 2017, more people became activated for social justice. At the same time, white supremacist groups became more visible, marching with torches and chanting words of hatred. There were conflicts between people who disagreed over what tactics would be most effective in stopping the rise of white supremacy and fascism and achieving greater equality and justice. We speak with Rivera Sun about her novels, which use fiction to teach lessons of movement strategy, and about organizing for social change in our times. Her newest book is “The Roots of Resistance: Book Two of the Dandelion Trilogy.”


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Rivera Sun is the author of three novels and many essays, plays, and poems. Most of her essays are archived on this website. Her writings have appeared in, Popular, Dandelion, the Fayetteville Free Zone,, and many others. All of Rivera Sun’s published novels (including Steam Drills, Treadmills, and Shootings Stars and The Dandelion InsurrectionBillionaire Buddha), as well as her  plays, and poetry can be found here.

Rivera Sun travels nationwide, and offers workshops in writing, and making change through nonviolent action. Please visit her upcoming workshops page to find an event near you or contact her.

Rivera Sun is the cofounder of the Love-In-Action Network, a nationwide set of nonviolent study and action groups. She is also a graduate of the James Lawson Institute on Strategic Civil Resistance and has written many essays on the subject of nonviolent action. Learn more about how ordinary people can make extraordinary changes in our world! Here. 

Using collaborative social media approach, Rivera Sun and her partner, Dariel Garner, work to grow organizations’ social media outreach, allowing these groups to unite, connect, and inspire their participants and allies. In 2014, they expanded the social media outreach of the Metta Center for Nonviolence, and currently they serve Pace e Bene’s rapidly growing Campaign Nonviolence project, working with their organizers, staff, endorsing groups, and participants to develop social media skills, support and uplift the movement, and build sincere relationships through the medium of social media. For more information about our approach, or to bring these techniques to your organization, please contact us!