Movement X Flies Palestinian Flag In Brussels, Two Activists Arrested

| Resist!

Above Photo: From Free Palestine by Farish Al-Bashar.

Brussels – Movement X tried to fly the Palestinian flag during the match of Belgium and Israel  this evening in Brussels. For this goal we used a remote controlled aircraft (a drone).  Once the drone was airborne the signal was intercepted before it could reach the stadium. Two of our comrades were arrested.

This was meant as a peaceful action in order to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people. Considering the current escalation of violence in Palestine, this statement was necessary and that necessity is felt by hundreds of thousands of Belgian citizens.

Also, and because we do believe in the values of sportsmanship and fair play, as Belgian citizens we cannot tolerate that a football team representing a racist apartheid state is welcomed in our capital. A state that bombed footballing children on the beach of Gaza to death, and that targets Palestinian footballers systematically and kills or imprisons them has no claim to the Olympic spirit of tolerance. More even, such a state has no place among the civilised community of nations on any level.

It is not our comrades that must be arrested, but the Israeli security agents that were present today, for they make part of an oppressive murderous regime, and our comrades were just protesting against it. Our Comrades must be freed immediately.

Movement X will continue to support the rights of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation. We will also keep supporting the Boycott efforts of the BDS movement.