Nader: Trump Should Be Impeached For His Climate Policies

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It is time to take Donald Trump’s disregard for climate crisis seriously. As Commander in Chief, Trump is abdicating his duties to protect his people, instead actively aiding and abetting the corporate polluters who are causing the climate chaos. Trump is wasting irreplaceable time that we need to prevent a worsening climate crisis. Trump’s actions, expanding the fossil fuel industry’s emissions, make the perils even worse. This is another reason for impeachment—climate crisis jeopardizes the American people in major ways.

Trump denies the overwhelming scientific warnings about the devastating destruction of the global climate crisis. He calls climate disruption a “Chinese hoax,” taking his delusionary persona to loony, dangerous levels.

The world is experiencing unheard of environmental upheaval: unprecedented heat waves, rapidly melting glaciers and permafrost, record floods, intensifying hurricanes, more frequent and severe droughts, and massive habitat convulsions. Despite the clear warning signs the worse is yet to come, Trump is shredding regulatory standards designed by law to curb the emission of greenhouse gases by fossil fuels, such as coal. He is opening large areas to oil and gas production, including those on our federal lands, the Arctic wildlife refuge, and offshore.

Trump has also decided to weaken Obama-era emission standards, a move that even upset some auto companies. Ford, Volkswagen, Honda and BMW all supported the stricter regulations set by California over those proposed by the Trump administration. Cutting back on energy efficient technologies releases more greenhouse gases, reduces gas mileage efficiency, and accelerates climate chaos.

It is as if Trump reacts to massive spreading wildfires by denying their causes, then doing nothing to diminish them. To make matters worse, it is as if he actively lowers environmental regulatory standards that would have played a role in preventing these fires.

The Pentagon keeps warning Trump and his cohorts that the climate crisis is a national security danger. Draft-dodger Trump can be charged with weakening our national defenses up against the destructive power of a perturbed nature.

Sea levels are rising. City planners at Miami Beach have an evacuation plan for tidal flooding, not just for exposed homeowners, but for the city itself.

Almost every week, the press, even Fox News, reports record-breaking natural disasters around the world. Just this last week, the Washington Post graphically reported changes in climate that have “set off a devastating chain reaction in the Sea of Okhotsk.” The giant eye-witness article is called “Weakening ‘the heart of the North Pacific.’” The melting ice and the warming sea have resulted in far fewer salmon (salmon catch is down by 70 percent since 2004). The New York Times recently published a page one feature on accelerating heavy rains and destructive droughts that wreak havoc on India’s agriculture and destabilize both urban and rural life. Another issue facing both India and Pakistan is the fast melting glaciers in the high mountains that feed the life-critical down-stream rivers below that sustain a billion people.

Leading scientists, led by climatologists, are putting out regular reports, rooted in evidence on the ground, which keep shortening the time before certain irreversible benchmarks, as with warming temperatures, are experienced.

None of this enters the cranium of the oblivious Donald J. Trump. He is too busy tweeting, scheming and slandering to further his own interests. Our nation’s interests are, to put it mildly, not his primary concern. He remains bent on pulling out of the voluntary Paris Climate Accord by the deadline next year. He is making America last again, behind over  196 nations who have signed the agreement to cut their carbon dioxide and other climate-disrupting gasses to keep the temperatures from rising to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Trumpland is where desired ignorance replaces presidential intellect, where reckless disregard of mounting property losses and human casualties become photo opportunities for alighting from Air Force One. Trump makes vague promises of aid only to then provide far less than what the devastated communities desperately need.

Translated into constitutional terms, Mr. Trump is deliberately refusing to enforce the laws mandated by Congress for environmental and workplace protection. He has given our government over to corporations, putting in charge corrupt corporatists qualified only to dismantle and disable these health and safety agencies. His crony capitalists are pushing out the scientists and crushing the civil servants who have sworn to uphold the law.

In making our country more defenseless against a mankind-driven upending of nature’s equilibrium, he gravely violates his oath to promote the general welfare and provide for the common defense. In a deepening emergency, he is stealing crucial years away from critical preparedness, as his own generals would tell him. Instead, he continues to mouth his insane phrase “beautiful clean, coal,” a mineral that once burned becomes one of the most deadly contributors to climate catastrophes.

Children are marching in the millions all over the world demanding that national leaders and big corporations in the fossil fuel industry move toward renewable, efficient energy with the utmost speed. These youngsters, who are doing their homework, are frightened over what will batter them in the coming decades. Trump should feel ashamed by their desperate pleas.

Our founding fathers often spoke of thinking ahead and respecting “posterity.” The desire to foresee and forestall was especially paramount for Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, not to mention the prescient Thomas Paine. For them and their colleagues, Trump would have been seen as a monarchical nightmare or and an impeachable offender on the climate crisis alone.

  • voza0db

    Anyone with a tendency for amnesia after reading this article gets the notion that Barack ‘The Fracker‘ Obama was some kind of Climate Knight!

  • jemcgloin

    Bad policy is not Impeachable.

    Trump’s constant violations, and threats to violate the Constitution are Impeachable:

    Trump calls for violence against US citizens, which undermines the whole point of a Constitution, which is to replace violence with debate and voting, and to separate law enforcement from politics, so the law is not used to terrorize political openents, and minority groups.
    Trump accuses his critics of treason without due process, because, like Luis the 16th, he confuses himself with the state.
    Trump calls for loyalty from public servants, and berates his own appointees that try to protect the Constitution instead of him. Pubic servants swear to protect the Constitution, not Trump.
    Trump says, “the Press is the enemy of the People” and calls for violence against the Press, even imitating a politician that body slammed a reporter and saying it got that politician reelected.
    Trump says that he can take away birthright citizenship, against the 14th Amendment.
    Trump says he will be president for “4 terms, maybe 5” without mentioning Constitutional term limits or the need to amend them.
    Trump takes payments from foreign governments and and called the Emoluments Clause “phony.”
    Trump allies with foreign governments against We the People, asking China to interfere on our elections on TV, asking Ukraine to interfere on our elections in private, and saying on TV that he would take information from foreign governments to use in our elections. (These are Federal crimes and High Crooked specifically discussed by the Founders.)
    Trump obstructs the investigations into attacks on our elections, instead of coordinating a defense as Commander in Chief.
    Trump always puts his personal interests above the interests of We the People, and governns by whim instead of faithfully executing the law.

    These violations and threats to violate the Constitution and the law are High Crimes that We need to Impeach Trump for. Defining Posterity is too difficult to use for impeachment, in my opinion. Trump does many horrible things that are not Impeachable. We must concentrate on Impeachable High Crimes.

    I’m a huge fan of Chomsky, but Trump keeps acting like a king, because he knows that if he gets away with it long enough he will be King.

    The Party of Trump thinks they can rewrite the Constitution with a presidential election instead of Amendments.

    Stop them or watch Trump end all limits on his power.

  • jemcgloin

    Well I regularly call out Obama and Hillary for increasing fracking and the expert of fracked gas.

    But Obama didn’t regularly call for violence against political oppenents.

    We have had a string of corrupt presidents, but even Nixon tried to keep his High Crimes hidden.

    Trump commits High Crimes on TV because he knows that is how you destroy a Constitution and usurp the Sovereign Authority of We the People.

    Anyone that thinks that Trump is just another corporate hack like Obama or Bush is blind to the history of actual violent fascists that murder people by the millions.

  • chetdude

    Just a stray thought but isn’t it a little refreshing to see a world “leader” who has no filter and perpetrates the same crimes other “leaders” perpetrate and have perpetrated but does them out in the open instead of covering them over with bullsh*t?

    Isn’t it easier to organize against obvious, public evil rather than more well hidden, glossed over “lesser” evil?

  • jemcgloin

    No it’s not refreshing. It’s an attack on the Constitution. It’s undoing 700 years of revolution that got us somewhere near democracy so Trump can be King, and white supremacists can think they are better than the rest of us.

    If Trump was merely rude, he would not be impeachable.

    However, Trump does everything a king does in a blatant PATTERN of attacking the Constitution with every opportunity.

    Like a king, Trump calls his critics “treasonous,” and calls for violence against them without due process. Trump called the Democrats “treasonous” for not clapping for his speech. Those who criticize Trump are only treasonous if Trump is the State. Once you let a president call for violence against citizens, there is no end to state violence and paramilitary violence committed with impunity. Jim Crow lynchings and mass incarceration would look like a warm up.
    The Constitution was designed to replace random violence by the king with debate and voting and regulated law enforcement.

    Like a king, Trump demands personal loyalty from public servants. He berates his own appointees that remind him that his powers are limited or try to protect the Constitution. This is called Fealty which is a feature of monarchy. The Constitution was specifically designed to take the power of political violence away from the king.

    Like a king Trump says, “the Press is the enemy of the people,” and calls for violence against journalists and news organizations. This contradicts and violates the First Amendment.

    Like a king, Trump takes payments from foreign countries. He calls the Emoluments Clause “phony.” More contractions and violations of the Constitution.

    Like a king, Trump allies with foreign governments against the People. Trump said on TV that he would take information from foreign governments and use it in elections BEFORE calling the FBI. On TV, Trump asked China to interfere on our elections. In secret, Trump asked Ukraine to interfere in our elected. Trump obstructed the investigation into Russian attacks on our elections. The Commander in Chief is supposed to coordinate a defense of our elections. (Putin would defend against foreigners attacking his elections.) Trump praises our attackers and attacks our defenders. (Between the US Intelligence Community that I have been researching abuses by for forty years and Trump, I believe the professional liars, not the pathological liar who accuses then with no evidence.) The Founding Fathers specifically said that asking for help from foreign governments for private gain was a High Crime. No quid pro quo required. (The Founders were far from perfect but created Amendments so We the People could end slavery, make everyone born here a citizen, give women the vote, and otherwise promote Justice and the General Welfare.)

    Like a king Trump thinks the government’s money is his money to spend any way he wants. The Constitution gave the power of the President to Congress, not the President. He practices abusing his emergency powers by using them to spend money on non-emergencies.

    Every word that Trump says shows that his INTENT is to put himself above We the People. We are all supposed to be equal under the law, even the President.

    Trump says he should be president for “4 terms, maybe 5,” without mentioning Constitutional term limits.

    Like a king, Trump says that he can take away birthright citizenship, contradicting the 14th Amendment that makes everyone born here an equal citizen under the law. Then he tells you to “go back where you came from.” That’s called Exile.

    Like a king, Trump does whatever pops into his head, instead of faithfully executing the law. Trump governs by Whim, issuing Edicts on Twitter than reversing them the next day.

    Trump is not authorized to do any of these things. The Sovereign powers of the King were taken by We the People, and spread around the government to equalize power and minimize corruption.

    Any one or two of Trump’s abuses could be explained away, but together the thousands of public High Crimes are a pattern of corruption, designed to end all limits on Trump’s power, by recognizing no limits on Trump’s power. That is why he picked Barr to push the “unitary executive” theory, which Bush used to order torture. It says there are no limits on the president’s power.

    I expect my leaders to at least give me the respect of pretending to follow the law and the Constitution. That minimizes their crimes. Nixon did his crimes in secret but resigned when caught. Clinton should have been removed even for only one High Crime, but that doesn’t excuse Trump’s crimes, which are far worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if those criminals are working together.

    Trump is shredding the Constitution on TV every day, because that is how the dictators he emulates became “president for life” and it’s likely to result in millions of dead Americans, because he promotes political violence just like every other mass murderer in the last ten thousand years

    The billionaires fund those who want to shred the Constitution so they can be real Oligarchs, without limits on their power. Everyone that normalizes their constant corruption of the Constitution are helping them subjugate us.

    Do you want to give your Sovereignty to Trump so he can be above you, and use Our Government for private gain at your expense?

    Trump is the wannabe King the Constitution was designed to protect us from.

  • Jon

    “he gravely violates his oath to promote the general welfare and provide for the common defense” Hey Jem, THAT IS in the Preamble to the Constitution! Read it. But, I agree with your general theme.

  • Jon

    Very well stated, Jem. Now, The Dems are ignoring: “However, Trump does everything a king does in a blatant PATTERN of attacking the Constitution with every opportunity.” Playing whiffle ball.

  • jemcgloin

    Yes the Democrats and corporate media are searching for a secret needle in a haystack as if Trump were Nixon, while Trump stages photo ops next to his shiny pile of needles on Fifth Ave.

    Trump commits his High Crimes on stage, on TV, on foreign soil, and in the Oval Office to weaken all limits on his power.

    REPUBLICANS claim it’s comedy.

    Too many people died for it.
    POTUS is not authorized to make the Constitution the butt of his jokes.

  • jemcgloin

    I’ve got the Preamble pretty much memorized.
    I can’t find your. quote in my writing.

    But his oath includes upholding the Preamble, which includes promoting the General welfare and providing for the conium defense, and he is clearly (I think spell check might have come up with “gravely”) violating these and many other parts of the Constitution.

  • Jon

    What is so galling is the ineptness of the Dems in this impeachment effort, as if they really don’t want to win. But they went full on, they must create a wave that would force the Senate Reps to really think hard. It could be won if 80% of the population supports ouster. Like a Laurel and Hardy show, or Pink Panther with Inspector Cluseau.

  • chetdude

    You talkin’ to me?

    I don’t think so.

    I loath Trump as much as I loath all gangster capitalists…

  • chetdude

    PS: Ya’ know a King wouldn’t last long doing all of those things you list…

    PPS: The billionaires “shredded” any remaining benefits to the working class of the New Deal and any protections in the Constitution 40 years ago when the dems joined the repubs to help them perpetrate the counter-revolution of the Plutocrats described in the Powell Memo of 1971.

    Sanders 2020 – People’s Lobby 2021 and beyond…

  • chetdude

    What other “high crimes” that other recent pResidents haven’t committed with the support of their fellow travelers in Congress?


    Crimes against We the People, our fellow creatures and our only Home Planet, wars, economic crimes against the working class for the benefit of the Owner/Donor Class — sure. But those are all supported by the class that owns and runs this country and interpret the “Constitution” to further their own goals. And at least one or more of them have been committed by his 5 predecessors.

    But other than a feeble attempt to enlist one foreign leader against one political opponent, what special, unique crime has Trump perpetrated that Reagan, ghwBush, Clinton, gwbush and Obama didn’t commit?

    By the way, even the pResident has free speech rights…including the right to sound like a f*cking idiot and use innuendo and dog whistles — just like his 5 predecessors have.

    Seriously — I want Trump GONE and hope that New York State can overcome the Donald’s team of lawyers and lock him up after President Sanders takes over the office in Jan of 2021.

  • chetdude

    PPPS: I’m listening to a piece of the hearing right now.

    The irony just burns when “democrats” are considering another neo-nazi/right wing coup perpetrated in Ukraine to heat up bogus Cold War II (to pump up arms sales) as the “national interest” – it’s f*cking insane that the dems have openly become the Forever War party…

  • chetdude


    Sure it is – check it out and how it’s been used over the last 2+ centuries.

    It’s a framework for a profoundly undemocratic electoral process for pResident as well as profoundly undemocratic systems of “representation” that has been used to benefit the few and disadvantage the masses.

    Dark humor…

  • jemcgloin

    Doing corrupt things that violate the Constitution don’t make the Constitution undemocratic.

    The Constitution has benefited the many.

    The Constitution makes you a citizen instead of a subject to the king.

    If you want to be a since under Trump keep supporting him instead of the Constitution.

  • jemcgloin

    It is firmly established that democracies often vote to attack other governments.

    That is irrelevant to whether the President is violating his Oath of office.

    If you want the USA to stop promoting tyranny around the world, what’re in the electoral process and vote against those that promote tyranny.

  • jemcgloin

    Let’s assume that each of the High Crimes that I accuse Trump of have already been committed by another president at one time or another. The fact that Trump purposefully and publicly commits ALL of them takes it to an entirely different level, the level of publicly attacking the Constitution to end all limits on his power.

    If a sweet little old lady accidently ran someone over, she would probably not even be arrested. If the same lady “accidently” killed someone every week, eventually she would be charged as a serial killer. Trump is a serial committer of pubic High Crimes.

    The speech of pubic school teachers is limited by their job description. A teacher cannot stand in front of his class and brag about grabbing pussies unless they want to get fired The speech of presidents is limited by their job description and their Oath of office.

    The President is not preserving, protecting, or defending the Constitution when he says the opposite of what it plainly says. If the President engages in speech or actions that violate their Oath they are trying to get fired

  • jemcgloin

    Well if you loathe Trump, you might want to stop defending him.

  • jemcgloin

    For ten thousand years kings, emperor’s, despots, dictators, etc., have stayed in power by doing exactly those things.

    The things that I list are precisely the powers of monarchy.

    When someone criticizes the king, they are called “treasonous,” because the king is the state, and everyone owes loyalty to the king. Once they are declared treasonous, they can be imprisoned or executed as traitors on the word of the king.
    There is no Freedom of the press or speech under kings.

    The Queen of England is severely limited in her powers by the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, etc. These limits took 700 years of protesting by liberals in the historical sense of the word, in the face of death.

    The Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia, however, does do these things, including executing subjects deemed not loyal enough.
    The women that protested to get driving legalized have all been imprisoned for free speech.

    The Constitution that you vilify makes it possible for you to discuss socialism without bring arrested. Keep attacking it and you will stop being a citizen with the Right to free speech and become a subject who owes Fealty to King Trump, property of the king.

    Yes property existed before capitalism. Everyone and everything belonged to the most violent.

    The social contract is imperfect, but it can be improved unless you help them shred it.

  • jemcgloin

    Yes, centrist Democrats control the party and it would be less embarrassing for them to admit they lose on purpose than to claim they lose so often by accident.

    This moment represents an opportunity for the Left to mobilize the working class to take over the Party and start winning. Centrists are so used to losing they wouldn’t be able to stop it.

    The only thing standing in the way is all of those on the left who keep saying we should stay out of politics and the electoral process. They have surrendered to the centrists who surrender on our behalf.

    There are no Right activists saying that voting is a waste of time. They vote and gain power and use it to corrupt the Constitution. Then the Left says, look the Constitution is corrupt. The Constitution is not corrupt. The politicians that implement it are corrupt. It’s not the same thing.

    No system can work if all of the honest people refuse to engage in it.

  • chetdude

    I have a long history of OPEN posting and have NEVER “defended Trump” — so you can retire that ad-hominem lie…

  • chetdude

    “If you want the USA to stop promoting tyranny around the world … vote against those that promote tyranny.”

    Since making my last mistaken “LOTE” vote in ’92, I do that every time and gosh, golly, gee whiz – my candidates dedicated to Peace and Social and Economic Justice never win.

  • chetdude


    Please buy a clue…

  • jemcgloin

    Which words in the Constitution make it undemocratic?

  • jemcgloin

    When you respond to attacks on Trump with reasons that they are wrong, it sounds a lot like defending Trump.

  • jemcgloin

    I don’t know what you are arguing for. I say that the left should vote because the left has a chance to take over the Democratic Party (which loses on purpose), and you say you want Bernie (so you are engaging in the Constitutional system).
    But when I suggest that socialists that aren’t voting also vote for left candidates so we can take over the Democrats and win for a change, you don’t say, “yeah let’s vote for Bernie.” You say that the Constitution is a joke, implying that it doesn’t matter if Trump attacks it, and shoot down everything I say about Trump attacking the Constitution from the Oval Office.

    I spend most of my time telling “moderates” that they need to make a decision between the Right and the Left, because the center cannot win, but when I hear from the Left, its all about how the Constitution is not worth saving anyway.

    In countries without functioning Constitutions there is incredible amounts of state and paramilitary violence against those that fight for the rights of the People. Our Constitution was making progress until the left abandoned electoral politics and the Democrats abandoned the Left.
    Now the constitution can either go forward or be shredded and you sound like you want to shred it.

    I predict 5 million dead (thanks to Kevin Zeese for making me double check my numbers). social justice warriors if Trump wins reelection.

    Just today, Bill Barr was saying that those that protest against the police shouldn’t expect protection from the police.

    What exactly is your strategy for keeping Trump from letting heavily armed lunatics murder the left with impunity, if you don’t think the Constitution matters?

  • jemcgloin

    “Just a stray thought but isn’t it a little refreshing to see a world “leader” who has no filter and perpetrates the same crimes other “leaders” perpetrate and have perpetrated but does them out in the open instead of covering them over with bullsh*t?”

    “refreshing?” I hear that kind of thing from Trump supporters all the time. If you don’t want to be accused of supporting Trump, don’t call him “refreshing.”

  • chetdude

    C’mon – my PROFILE IS OPEN and you’ve seen dozens (hundreds?) of my previous posts…I’ve seen yours.

    It’s refreshing that an enemy of the People, the bigoted, xenophobic, Plutocrat Trump is exposing the basic set of “values” of the Owner/Donor Class that owns the government and runs the economic system and allows us to build a People’s Movement against their crimes much more easily and faster than we would have been able to with a “slicker” mouthpiece for those crimes like Obama and Hillary…

    I dare you to find “support for Trump” in that true statement.

  • chetdude

    All I’m saying is that the “Constitution” is words on a piece of paper. If you analyze the words that spell out the framework for a form of “government” that is dictated by that document, it’s profoundly UN-Democratic and obviously designed to protect and expand the wealth and privileges of the elites who wrote it.

    In PRACTICE, the institutions set up by those elites who pretend to follow it have almost uniformly been constituted and operated to achieve that goal…protect and expand… Congress – especially the profoundly undemocratic Senate, SCOTUS and the executive.

    You religious faith in those words on pieces of paper won’t to anything to overcome those who control the institutions and implement the reality.

    It will take Popular Resistance supporting an honest Change Agent like Bernie Sanders to implement your faith-based document in a way that make the phrase “We the People” actually apply to the entire 100% of the population instead of the top 1/10 of 1%…

  • chetdude

    Read the thing for comprehension…

    Pay particular attention to the Senate, EC and SCOTUS…

  • chetdude

    Gawd — they hyperbole — it burns…

  • chetdude

    The “left” has little chance to “take over” the democratic(sic) party — although the rank and file is mostly “progressive” in terms of values and support for Bernie Sanders’ agenda — so what I’m arguing for is a massive, militant People’s Lobby to flood the Halls of Congress 24/7/365 to force 218 House votes and 51 Senate votes for that agenda for his Presidential signature.

  • jemcgloin

    Forcing votes in Congress would have to happen under the Constitution. Without the Constitution there is no voting That’s where Congress and the President came from. The Constitution is the American social contract and identity. White Supremacists want to replace it with a twisted and violent theocracy of the rich divided by race class and sexually. Their uniting force is violent white male “christianity.”

    The only glue that holds ALL other Americans together is the principles in the Constitution: Union, Justice, Tranquility, defense, the General Welfare, Liberty, for Posterity, under the Authority of We the People, with ALL citizens politically Equal under the Law, lending our Public Servants (divided to keep them from uniting against us) the power to tax and regulate trade to spend on our Priciples.
    The President has wide authority to carry out the Will of the People as written in laws passed by Congress and to coordinate the defense of our nation. Trump is doing the opposite of that, ruling by whim, putting his personal desires into Twitter Edicts and allying with global billionaires who think they are royalty operating under the principles of Fealty and raw power.

    If you want the People to take over the a Halls of Congress, the only thing that will get enough of them there is to unite around the Constitution that they were forced to learn about in grammar school.
    We jumped out of the slow boil of Hillary. Now we need to turn out the fire of Trump by recognizing and defeating his corrupt intent to replace debate and voting with unchecked violence, so he can take the place of the people in a coup with the help of global billionaires, and the worst elements of law enforcement and the military, who he keeps pardoning and rewarding. (Trump is dividing the colonels against the command structure, just like CIA in Latin America.)

    Trump is using the same “unitary executive” that Bush used to order torture, and is more than willing to use it against citizens.

    They are trying to do to America what we did to dozens of other countries. We may deserve for the “chickens to come home to roost,” as Malcolm put it, but we don’t have to welcome it. We don’t have to let it happen.
    If I speak in big sweeping terms it is because that is how Trump thinks. The risk of a country club prison is worth the chance that he could be king, and there is no backing out now anyway

    It Trump and has billionaire allies succeed it won’t be better for the rest of us, but worse. Democracy will be farther away, not closer. The people who you expect to organize your People’s Lobby of Congress will be dead.

    We’ve all seen those film before. Why are we blind to it now?

    This is the Constitution versus the Divine Right of their “Chosen One” to personal “loyalty” from All Americans, “sitting in attention,” for him with “fervor ”
    The establishment center has collapsed, the Right is on the attack and the left is in disarray.

    Unite We the People behind the Constitution or the Right will bring us back to Hobbes, not forward to democracy.

  • chetdude

    ‘This is the Constitution versus the Divine Right of their “Chosen One”‘

    No, it isn’t.

    This is We the relatively impotent majority facing off against those who benefit most from domination hierarchies using the latest mechanism that is best known as global neoliberal capitalism enforced by huge, deadly war machines and police states.

    Another way to describe it was done effectively by one of the Oligarchs who opposes Trump for reasons I’ve described elsewhere:

    “There’s class warfare, all right,” (3rd Richest Man in the World) Warren Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

  • jemcgloin

    We don’t disagree about the billionaires. We only disagree on how far they are willing to go and the role of the Constitution.

    Democracy is process. The Constitution is process. They are trying to short circuit the process with violence, as you already described. That is what they do all over the world,

    The People will unite around the Constitution, if they will unite around anything.

    But they must understand that their Constitution is under attack, and corporate media refuses to tell them.

    The Constitution was created to replace political violence by the rich with debate and voting. If it ends without being replaced by another process, then you get violent chaos. There is no other process waiting in the wings.

    Trump attacks the Constitution for a reason. Establishment Democrats who work for the billionaires refuse to defend it for the same reason.

    There is no way to stop them that doesn’t go through the electoral process.
    That is why Bernie is running for president AND calling for peaceful revolution at the same time. He’s not against the Constitution. Here’s trying to save it.

  • chetdude

    I would prefer that people unite around our obvious, basic needs and desire for Community instead of depending upon “representatives” or some piece of paper…

    Don’t lay this on Bernie — I can’t ever remember him invoking faith-based nonsense — he’s mainly the only one waging Class War on our side.

  • jemcgloin

    It would be nice if if people united around our obvious basic needs and desire for community, but those are too nebulous. Right now we have a third of the country uniting around using their interpretation of the bible, which is for hate, greed, and violence to write our laws. They are opposed to the Constitution which is for religious freedom, unity, justice and, the general welfare, and replaces violence with debate and voting.
    Those are the two sides for the next year. If Trump wins, only the needs of billionaires will be considered, using the racist “christianity” of fascists as the excuse.

  • chetdude

    Actually, even those folks are mainly mired in a toxic socioeconomic system trying to get clean water to drink, food to eat, keep a roof over their heads and educate their kids.

    If Biden or Bloomberg or Buttigieg wins, only the needs of the Owner/Donor billionaires will be considered…using preserving and defending the fascist ECONOMY as the excuse.

    If Sanders wins, there’s a slight chance to change who owns and runs the country…