National Call-In Day To Support Hunger-Striking Prisoners

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Above photo: From Its Going Down.

Phonezap for Wabash Valley Hunger Strikers in the SHU!

MAKE THE LINES RING ALL DAY! FRIDAY, AUG 31, sunrise to sunset!

Several inmates in the Secure Housing Unit(SHU) at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility are initiating a hunger strike in protest of their already starvation-level meal portions, their lack of access to basic necessities like adequate clothing, and access to commissary items . Food portions are extremely small, imagine a high school lunch tray where the section for your main course isn’t even half full. The food they receive is already lacking in nutrition and comes in boxes labelled “not for human consumption.” Food services in the IDOC are managed by the private corporation Aramark, and food served to inmates lacks basic nutritional value and is often served rotten. To make matters worse, Corrections Officers are known to contaminate food with saliva and feces.

The SHU is kept extremely cold in order to limit inmates activity and keep them in their beds. Their bodies burn calories to keep warm that can’t even be replaced by the meager meals they are given.

Wabash’s Valley’s Secure Housing Unit is the end of the line for prisoners facing abuse by the IDOC. It is the most extreme form of isolation, sensory deprivation, mental and physical torture that the prison system can offer. Some inmates are kept under 24/7 video and audio surveillance. They are unable to order items from commissary and must subsist on the crumbs they are given. The SHU has a notorious history of unspeakable abuse against inmates. In the 1990’s its commander James Basinger oversaw a cabal of sadisitc guards that engaged in daily torture and even murder of the inmates in their custody. Today, James Basinger is the Deputy Commissioner of the IDOC, extending his techniques throughout the whole system.

The inmates now attempting to resist are putting themselves in extreme danger in order to have their voices heard. It is up to outside supporters to put the spotlight on the strike. Wabash Valley is content to let its inmates starve as long as they believe no one is paying attention.

Pledge to make calls to Warden Richard Brown, IDOC Commissioner Robert Carter, and governor Eric Holcomb.

Wabash Valley Warden Richard Brown | (812) 398-5050
Commissioner Robert Carter | (317) 232-5711
Governor Eric Holcomb | (317) 232-4567

Sample Script: “I am calling to voice concern about the treatment of inmates at the Secure Housing Unit at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. Inmates on the SHU are currently on hunger strike to protest their deplorable conditions. I ask that you grant these inmates demands immediately.”

Reportbacks on calls are to be sent to or you can comment on the fb event:

  • disqus_YzQItOTWot

    Called the first number listed and she assured me it had been dealt with… !
    Governors office took comments but would not discuss plans for reform

  • dopfa

    A Secure Housing Unit is a unit of torture. Period. Humans should not be kept alone in cages like animals because it turns them into blithering animal idiots. But America doesn’t give a rat’s ass about human beings except in embryo form, so this is what we are. I’d like to say this is what we’ve become, but with slavery and genocide in our history, this is WHAT WE ARE. We are torturers of humans in myriad forms.

    This mom of an inmate in a western federal prison thanks you profusely for this article. Inmates aren’t the only ones tortured when they’re convicted. It’s also torture to their families, knowing how atrociously the US prison system treats our children. My son never hurt anyone, but he has to endure the suffering of the hideous system for eight more years, while our mass-murdering leaders walk freely and prosperously, profiting from their slaughter of innocents at home and abroad. The prison my son is in is also an internment camp for refugees fleeing the violence the US stirs up in nations that don’t cooperate with the US corporate agenda. It’s being sued for refugee abuse. Why is the US Government always on the evil side of issues? Oh wait. It was conceived in patriarchal evil, the previously established, self-appointed ruler of the planet. Genocide and slavery was its birthright, and even though it’s been rearranged somewhat, its evil still prevails.

  • Kathlean Keesler Jagger

    Thanks for your contribution