National Day Of Action To Protect Our Internet!

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Day of Action July 12!

Sign up to Save #NetNeutrality! 

Here’s the gist; riddle me this:

How is a Train like the Internet?

They’re both common carriers!

You buy your ticket and decide where you want to go on the train.
You buy your Internet service provider and decide where you want to go on the Internet.

But that could end in August.  Sign up here to take action to spread the word.

Here’s the plan: Download and print the two-sided flyer below. Gather some folks and head to your local train or other transit station or a highly-trafficked area to hand out the flyers. The goals are to inform people about the threats to net neutrality and to encourage them to submit a comment before the July 17 deadline.

Back: Protect our internet back

Front: Protect our internet

Big Telecoms like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T don’t want to just provide Internet service, they want to control the content too – slowing down, diverting or even shutting down our access to the open internet we know and love.

Imagine being on a train and all of a sudden, you can’t get off at your stop – or it takes you twice as long to get there, and costs twice as much.

That’s why we’re asking all of you internet users out there to come together on July 12 to spread the word at your local train or metro stations about the importance of an open and accessible internet – just like an open and accessible public transportation system.

These actions will coincide with an Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality. 

We need our voices to be heard online and off.

So sign up here to spread the word at your local train station. We’ll send you fliers that show the graphic above and information on Net Neutrality and how to get involved in the fight to Save the Internet! 

ANOTHER ACTION: And if you haven’t submitted your public comment in defense of net neutrality yet, you still have time. CLICK HERE for easy step-by-step instructions.

Want to see what the Internet would be like without Net Neutrality?

Check out this video from our friends at Free Press:


  • Fact: “mass = energy = information” or in other words, “Shape is a defined state of energy, at any given instant.”

    “You can’t be neutral on oa moving train”, Howard Zinn – and We the People, concur! The Internet is a common carrier – a physical conduit. The Internet conduit has a beginning and an end. A pathway from the starting point, connects an electromagnetic stream of digital pulses, through a metallic wire or a fiber-optic cable, or an unobstructed physical space – as a digitized beam of electromagnetic pulses – to a physical location in space-time. The “pathway” for the conduit is owned by We the People and is “held” in “common”. Any move to give any American citizen an unequal share of Our Held Commons, shall not be allowed and is protected by Our Constitution.

    A train speeding on its tacks, is a “common carrier, too. A train IS the conduit or pathway that moves people and freight, together en masse, through time-space, a mass – rather than digital pulses of information – through the “held commons” – that We the People own and control. “All in. No One Out.” THAT MEANS NO PRIVATE INTERESTS GET SPECIAL TREATMENT! E=mc2=information.