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A Conversation With Human Rights Activists In Peru

National Strike, Day 40.

On December 7, 2022 a right-wing coup removed Perú’s President Pedro Castillo Terrones from power. The predominantly poor indigenous rural and Amazonian communities resoundingly and overwhelmingly voted for Castillo, rejecting outright the neoliberal regime installed by the previous governments. Violence not seen since the Alberto Fujimori dictatorship (1990-2000), has been led by the Peruvian Armed Forces, under orders of coup-leader Dina Boluarte, the Fujimorista Fuerza Popular Party, and other political factions. 

It’s been over 67 days since the parliamentary coup led by the right-wing forces of Fuerza Popular with their puppet Dina Boluarte, now commonly referred to as “usurper assassin,” at the helm.  (Black Agenda Report 15 February)

NOTE:  This is a follow-up conversation to our February 2 Episode with Peruvian activists Anahi Durand and Eliana Carlin.  I have since visited Peru  on a human rights observation delegation with Mision de Solidaridad Internacional y Derechos Humanos

Interpretation provided by Jill Clark Gollub.


Clau O’Brien Moscoso is an organizer with the Black Alliance for Peace in the Haiti/Americas Team. Originally from Barrios Altos, Lima, she grew up in New Jersey and now lives between both countries.

Hiam Leyner Ayala Basilio works in the legal area of the organization Human Rights without Borders, Cusco – Peru. It is a non-governmental organization that is part of the National Coordinator of Human Rights of Peru, which works in the defense, promotion and education of human rights in the region of Cusco, also, the organization is carrying out legal processes related to the criminalization of protesters by State repression.

Clau O’Brien Moscoso

Black Alliance for Peace

Derechos Humanos sin Fronteras-Cusco 

Misión de Solidaridad Internacional y Derechos Humanos

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