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Nationwide Day of Protest 9-14-13, Release Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander is serving a 20-year sentence for defending herself against her abusive husband by shooting a warning shot into a wall. No one was hurt, and she is currently in prison.Marissa Alexander protest image

Support for Marissa Alexander are banding together to hold rallies all over America on Saturday, September 14th.

They post rally locations by state so that you can find the one closest to you. You can find the list HERE or viewing the map below.

Please invite friends and if you are an organization hosting a rally in your city, let us know and post to the wall so that others will know where to find you. You can contact folks by contacting them through theirFaceBook Event Page or email your rally info to

Send us your rally location to add to the list.

We the PEOPLE have a voice! Let her out!

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