Nearly Unanimous: 187 Nations Call For The End To US Blockade Of Cuba

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Above Photo: La votación de la resolución contra el bloqueo a Cuba recibió tres votos en contra (EE.UU. Israel y Brasil) y dos abstenciones (Colombia y Ucrania). | Foto: ONU

New York – For the 28th time the UN member states call to lift the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States. To Cuba.

With 187 votes in favor, the United Nations Organization (UN) approved the resolution on the need to lift the financial, economic and commercial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, which constitutes a violation of human rights and international regulations.

The results of the vote held on Thursday demonstrate the “unquestionable isolation of the US,” said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez.

The resolution against the blockade against Cuba received only three votes against (USA, Israel and Brazil) and two abstentions (Colombia and Ukraine).


This is the 28th time that the UN has voted in favor of lifting these coercive measures that have been in force for 60 years.

Earlier, during the presentation of the resolution, the Cuban Foreign Minister explained the effects of this blockade and held the United States accountable. of committing a genocide against the population of the island. 

“There is no Cuban family that does not feel the consequences of the blockade,” said the Caribbean diplomat and said: “The US is responsible.” 

  • voza0db

    Ukraine is the newest best dog of the USofT! From meddling in the 2016 elections in favor of the DNC to this vote… They really like you guys… Biden style!

  • For the 28th time UN member voted to end economic sanctions against Cuba.

    That goes to show that something is very very wrong at the UN – A toothless tiger no doubt about it.

    No points for correctly guessing that the outcome of the vote will never be enforced due to just about every UN member is one of Washington’s poodle club submissive vassal states.

    Nations really need to take full control over their own sovereignty or being a member of the UN won’t mean a thing if they still rely on the US dollar one way or another.

  • voza0db

    The main purpose of the UN is to provide very nice jobs mostly to scoundrels from the self-entitled “developed nations”.

    This resolution and vote are at an equal level of the Paris Climate Accord… useless.

  • voza0db

    The US doesn’t want Americans to go visit Cuba because they could then see for themselves the free medical care, the free university education, the absolute lack of homelessness- everyone has a place to live. True, there is scarcity- sometimes serious. But there is always the beach. Life is good in Cuba because you don’t have to own a 35,000 dollar Gucci bag to be happy. I personally knew a family that “escaped to the West” and somehow was brought back- I never knew the details. The point is that while no one did them any harm, the neighbors wouldn’t speak to them. They considered them traitors to the Revolution. Solidarity among Cubans is very high, and with good reason. The CIA has tried for decades to overturn the system, and except for a few gusanos who made it to Miami, US efforts have to the West been a crashing failure.


    TYPO ALERT- should read-The CIA has tried for decades to overturn the system, and except for a few gusanos who made it to Miami, US efforts have been a crashing failure.

  • chetdude

    Alas, U.S. has a forever veto in the “Security Council” — the part of the U.N. with the teeth.

  • irategrandmother

    Where do you find all these brilliant graphics? Or is it a trade secret?

  • When teeth have decayed, they need to be removed (^^,)

  • voza0db

    No secret! I use DuckDuckGo for WWW searches and voilà!

  • Ort

    We also would have accepted “It only takes one rotten tooth to spoil the mouthful.”

  • chetdude

    Of course, just changing the ownership of the enforcement arm of the global capitalist Oligarchy wouldn’t change the goal…

  • Can you find an image of Vanessa Baraitser?

  • voza0db

    After searching to find out who that was… No! That scoundrel is being very well protected… Not even the paparazzi sites have a photo of that scoundrel.

  • Only the Assange supporters who were present during the recent kangaroo court show trial might be able to recognize her from an image search.

  • Ort

    Hmm… ’tis said that vampires, being soulless, cast no reflection in mirrors.

    It isn’t much of a stretch to assume that the soulless are also invisible to camera lenses.

  • voza0db

    They should take pictures!

  • Not allowed inside court if that’s what you meant – the entire way that the legal system operates with the wearing of silly looking wigs that look like they’re straight from 17th century and their black costumes can only be intended to hide their normal appearance.

    I’m hoping that some of the people who were present during this show trial might read this and do an image search and post the results [if any]

  • voza0db

    They wait for her outside and perform some paparazzi magic!

  • VB’s appearance isn’t as important as Assanges freedom.

    However who is this mysterious judge with no history content to do the bidding of the Deep State.

    Wikileaks revealed how corrupt our Western politicians really are, VB proved to be even more corrupt since she is supposed be educated in law.

    As such – I’m interested why they’re trying so hard to hide her appearance and history.

    Perhaps because her appearance can be used to shame her – since the outcome of this show trial was always going to provoke a response from the public.

    The entire legal structure requires challenging since this case should have been thrown out in a properly functioning court – that it wasn’t is indicting how corrupt the Crown corporation really is.

  • zonmoy

    yep, direct from Dracula, though the mirror thing supposedly is because for at least certain
    vampires mirrors are portals to other places.