Neil Young Launches Conservation-Themed Website

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Above Photo: Neil Young has launched a new website with the aim of educating people about world conservation. Raymond Boyd/Getty.

Neil Young has launched a new website,, with the aim of motivating people toward global conservation. The site offers information on earth ecology, banning GMOs, the future of farming, climate change and social causes, among other topics. Taking inspiration from the “Village” of activist organizations that have been traveling with Young on his current tour, the site’s motto is, “It takes a village to keep the free world rockin’.”

“ is a powerful resource for finding services and organizations dedicated to helping you live a healthy, vital and informed life, while participating in Earth’s flourishing sustainability movement,” a statement for the site reads. “[The site] is a reliable portal for information on common sense, innovative and creative solutions to many of the crisis we face. connects us with some of the most effective organizations, working to conserve the natural world and protect our freedoms.”

Young has been touring this year in support of his latest record, The Monsanto Years, which he put out in June. No stranger to activism, Young created a film about the company Monsanto, which makes genetically engineered seeds, called “Seeding Fear,” in which a farmer named Michael White talked about standing up to the corporation, after it accused him of infringing on their copyright.

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The company shot back at Young the next day, citing distortions it perceived in his storytelling. “Protecting patents and copyrights can be difficult in any business – including the entertainment industry,” a rep for the company said. “Mr. White’s actions are equivalent to pirating an album, producing thousands of copies and selling bootleg copies – all while knowing what you’re doing is illegal and that it will result in criminal charges if caught.”

The singer-songwriter has also been welcoming activists onto his stage. Naelyn Pike, a member of the Native American rights organization Apache Stronghold, told Rolling Stone earlier this year how much it meant to her to have the opportunity. “It’s been pretty awesome to be up on stage and look out and see so many people supporting us, yelling for us,” she said.


  • jefkeighley

    Great initiative Neil. We’re going to need all the pressure we can muster to save our world.

  • Linda Jansen

    Yeah but the world Neil wants to save includes a criminal Israeli state. Personally, I don’t want anything to do with it. “It is with heavy hearts and deep sadness that we must cancel our one and only Israeli concert due to tensions which have rendered the event unsafe at this time,” a representative for Young said in a statement. “We’ll miss the opportunity to play for our fans and look forward to playing in Israel and Palestine in peace.”

    That peace will never come if you keep supporting the apartheid state of Israel by playing there, Neil. Remember the boycott against South Africa? Well there is one now against Israel until it changes its policies toward Palestinians. SUPPORT THAT!

  • Rikhard Ravindra Tanskanen

    Israel had nothing to do this article. Also, not wishing to save Israel would mean not wanting to save North Korea, or any of the Third World dictatorships. Do not blame the country for the policies of the government. People would die – not just Jews but Palestinian Israelis, and not just many Jews and Palestinian Israelis but ALL Jews and Palestinian Israelis.
    I cannot tolerate emotion. But I know that you are not being emotional, because the fact that you posted an off-topic comment shows that you are a troll, and don’t care about the Palestinians at all. I cannot tolerate trolls.

  • kevinzeese

    But, it had to do with Neil Young which is why Linda posted it. Isn’t that obvious. She is definitely not a troll as she is someone with a long history of posting on this site. But, I am wondering whether you are a troll from your various comments in the first day I have seen your name.

  • Rikhard Ravindra Tanskanen

    Yes, but the point is, Israel had nothing to do with the article. She was just being emotional. As I said before, I do not value sentimentality. By the way, I am pro-Palestine.

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