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Nestlé To Be Sued For Californian Drought Crimes!

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The Story of Stuff Project, a campaign group, has just announced the pursuit of legal action towards Nestlé.  The lawsuit is over the extraction of groundwater in California as Nestlé has been doing, illegally, for its arrowhead brand.  This is considered to be a key contributor to the drought crisis within the state.

Outraged citizens had made generous donations to The Story of Stuff Project, enabling them to film a mini-documentary titled:  This Land is Our Land.  The movie tells the story of how Nestlé has removed millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest, and showcases evidence that the company has been involved in criminal activity.

“While filming in southern California our team uncovered hard evidence that Nestlé has been operating outside the bounds of the law. When Nestlé’s permit to remove water expired 27 years ago, the U.S. Forest Service should have turned off the spigot. But instead, it has allowed Nestlé to continue operating unabated, in violation of the terms of its own permit.

“So to defend the public resources at stake we’ve joined with two great partners—Courage Campaign and the Center for Biological Diversity—to turn up the heat on Nestlé by filing a federal lawsuit challenging the company’s illegal occupation of these public lands.”  The Story of Stuff Project reports.

Nestlé’s CEO, Paul Bulcke, has the audacity to believe that water is not a human right and it should be privatized.  Activists shut down one of Nestlé’s plants in California already, and with this new documentary shedding light on the corporate greed, it’s just a matter of time before these criminals are brought to justice.

Here is the documentary and it is my hope that the world will change.

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