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Net Neutrality National Day Of Action, And More

Net Neutrality ensures that big telecoms like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast etc. can’t slow down or restrict your access to any site. If you want to visit my show page via, they can’t stop you. If you want to watch porn or cat videos – hopefully not any combination of the two – ISP’s or internet service providers can’t stop you, or demand that you pay more in order to access Mr. Whiskers knocking his food off a table like a boss.


And while we won the Net Neutrality battle back in 2015, as of this year, there’s a new FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai. This former Verizon lawyer has wasted no time in trying to dismantle our access to the internet. And that’s why on July 12th, hundreds of organizations, businesses and people are coming together to #SaveTheInternet.

The Alternative to Capitalist Patriarchy – in Syria. 

Democratic Confederalism may sound yawn-worthy but it is in fact what has successfully stopped ISIS from advancing into Northern Syria and done so while simultaneously building a flat-structure, democratic, feminist society. Known as the Rojava region, this predominantly Kurdish area of Northern Syria has been home to both oppression and resistance for decades, if not hundreds of years. It is here that the Kurdish resistance movement started manifesting progressive alternatives to the capitalist patriarchy already in the 80s. Now, even as they find themselves nestled in the midst of a war zone, bordered by ISIS, Syrian forces, Turkish forces, US forces and more, these communities continue to resist and build – fighting not only for their lives but for their way of life, for their ideas.

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