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Net Neutrality Protest At Industry Lobbying Headquarters

99% of People Support Title II Net Neutrality; NCTA Undermines Democracy

On Wednesday, November 12 at noon, net neutrality activists protested at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association located at 25 Massachusetts Ave., NW in Washington, DC.


The picket, organized by Popular Resistance, highlighted the national consensus favoring reclassifying the Internet as a common carrier under Title II so that there can be no discrimination and equal access for all with real net neutrality rules.


The largest opposition to reclassification and net neutrality comes from a handful of corporations that are members of NCTA. In order to push their agenda the NCTA is putting out false information, creating fake grassroots groups, threatening lawsuits and spending millions of dollars to “buy” Congress and non-profits such as the NAACP.


The protest highlighted these anti-democratic practices. A record 3.7 million public comments were submitted to the FCC this summer, and more than 99% were in favor of reclassification of the Internet as a common carrier under Title II.


The activists say it is time for members of NCTA to put a thriving Internet ahead of their short-term corporate profits. They should not be willing to undermine the Internet, which has made the members of NCTA wealthy, in order to increase short term profits. In the end not only will they lose, but the nation will lose a critical vehicle for freedom of speech in the 21st Century as well as economic creativity.

Protest at NCTA 11-13-14

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