Net Neutrality Showdown Is Now

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As you can see on our website there is a Red Alert to save Net Neutrality on the Internet.

Why are we going red? The Senate will likely vote next week on a measure to reject the FCC’s net neutrality repeal. Under the Congressional Review Act, the Congress has the power to overrule a federal agency. On May 9, a Resolution of Disapproval will be introduced in the US Senate. This procedural step will bring the Senate chamber closer to a floor vote on the measure, which would overturn the FCC net neutrality rollback.

There are 50 senators who say they will vote in support of the resolution.  The movement is pushing this week to get all senators to support net neutrality by voting for the Resolution of Disapproval. Currently—all of the chamber’s Democrats and independents, plus Maine Republican Susan Collins support the measure.

We want to see an avalanche of support from Republicans in the next few days. They need to hear from people urging them to vote for net neutrality. Their phones need to ring off the hook. They need to know that failure to support reversal of the FCC will mean tens of millions of votes against them in November.

With Sen. John McCain not in attendance due to serious health problems, a 50-49  vote is enough to win in the Senate if all of its supporters vote in favor.  Politco Morning Tech reports: “It could be a nail-biter vote,” Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune (R-SD).

Take action here

You can call Congress directly to 202-759-7766. This will connect you to our Battle for the Net call tool, which includes a suggested net neutrality script. You can also text BATTLE to 384-387 to send a message to Congress using our chat bot.

Below are actions you can take on social media to support the Red Alert for Net Neutrality.

Wired reports: “You might be seeing a lot of red on the internet Wednesday. Many sites, including Etsy, Reddit, and OKCupid will adorn their pages with ‘red alerts’ asking readers to tell their representatives to save net neutrality.”

Take the Red Alert image above and put it on your social media. Share it widely and urge people to take action. We need a tidal wave of calls to the Senate to win net neutrality in a big way and then go to the House and get majority support there.

Politicians need to know in this election year that if they do not support net neutrality, the Internet will work against them.

Take action here

Sample tweets:

  • #REDALERT: The Senate is about to vote on #NetNeutrality! Go to to contact your lawmakers & demand they stop the FCC!
  • #REDALERT: Congress is voting on #NetNeutrality! Use to contact your lawmakers & demand they stop the FCC from killing freedom on the Internet.
  • Without #NetNeutrality, your cable company controls how you listen to music, where you get your news, everything you do online. Fight back: #RedAlert
  • Unfair fees to access the Internet? Fast lanes? Censorship? That’s life without #NetNeutrality. Call Congress NOW to save it: 202-759-7766 or
  • URGENT: Congress can overturn the FCC’s decision to kill freedom on the internet, but they need to hear from YOU!
  • Stop the FCC’s plan for throttling, blocking, & new fees online. Visit to call your members of Congress now!

Sample Facebook posts:

  • RED ALERT: The FCC ordered an end to net neutrality, but Congress is about to hold a vote to save it. Contact your lawmakers and demand they vote for net neutrality.
  • In mid-May, the U.S. Senate will vote on whether or not to save net neutrality. Join MILLIONS of others demanding freedom on the Internet by visiting and contacting Congress.

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Make your own and send them to! We’ll add them to the drive for others to share!

Video bumper for Youtube or Vimeo videos:

We made a short video reel that explains why net neutrality matters, and how Internet users can tell the FCC and Congress to protect the open web at all costs through

There are square, vertical, and horizontal versions of the bumper for you to download here.

Add this reel to your online creations starting right away until the vote! Encourage your viewers to defend net neutrality and call Congress by visiting or calling 202-759-7766.

Net neutrality video:

Share this net neutrality explainer video so we can educate others about the isue.

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