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New App For Police Encounters By The ACLU

Denial is over. Videos of police encounters are changing perceptions about biased policing and police brutality and sparking reform of police practices.

That’s why the ACLU has launched Mobile Justice, an app that makes it easy for you to record interactions with police. It’ll be available for download in Maryland, as well as 10 more states on Friday, November 13!

You have the right to #FilmThePolice. Let others know that they too can keep justice within reach with the Mobile Justice App: join our Thunderclap to spread the word.

The Mobile Justice app (for iPhone and Android) will allow you to take secure video of police interactions and send it to the ACLU so it cannot be deleted or lost if your phone is confiscated by police. It will also have an intake survey where you can describe the details of the incident, and a Know Your Rights section that offers an overview of your rights when stopped by law enforcement.

When the app launches far and wide on Nov. 13 — from Maryland to Arizona, New Jersey to New Mexico — our Thunderclap campaign will boom across social media with the important message about this powerful tool.

We can’t do it without you: tell your friends about the Mobile Justice app.

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