New Coalition To Fight Bakken Pipeline

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Iowans from 20 groups representing landowners, community members, non-profits, and interest groups have joined together to stop the proposed Bakken pipeline. Representatives of the groups, which represent more than 10,000 people, held a press conference today in Des Moines at the Iowa Utilities Board to announce the launch of the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition.


The Coalition is united to protect Iowa’s soil, water, communities, and the health of future generations by stopping the proposed Bakken crude oil pipeline. The controversial  project would cross 18 of Iowa’s counties as well as major rivers, including the North Raccoon River, Des Moines River, South Skunk River and Mississippi River.

“This pipeline in our ground and waterways would be a giant step backward for a state that prides itself in smart economic and environmental investments. As an Iowa landowner – but more so as an Iowan – I urge everyone to learn more about how this pipeline would affect our land, our communities, and our overall health,” said Kathy Holdefer, Jasper County landowner.  “According to every expert I’ve consulted, claims of positive impact by Dakota Access, LLC, are overstated, and their claims for harm are grossly understated. The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition is a fantastic resource for those who want to learn more and take action.”

The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition emphasized that Iowa should not invest in outdated and risky infrastructure such as the Bakken pipeline. The proposed project would have 10 times the carrying capacity of the pipeline that burst under the Yellowstone River on January 17th in Montana. The coalition partners represent thousands of people who believe that Iowa’s leadership should move the state toward a renewable energy future, rather than leave a legacy of dirty oil.

“If we are truly interested in energy independence,” said Nathan Malachowski, organizer with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, “we need to invest in renewable energy that offers economic benefits to communities rather than burdens them, and ensure that there is local control over how that infrastructure is built and maintained.”

“This proposed Bakken oil pipeline would originate in the Bakken region of North Dakota and carry up to 570,000 barrels per day of dangerous crude that is produced through fracking,” said Iowa-based Organizer for Food & Water Watch, Matt Ohloff. “This proposed pipeline is bad for Iowa, and the Iowa Utilities Board and Governor Branstad must protect Iowans by rejecting this pipeline application.

Andrea Basche of the Iowa State University Sustainable Agriculture Student Association added, “This pipeline is one more project that sets our energy future in the wrong direction and continues on a path that leaves future generations with a larger carbon debt. Where is the justice in that? We know the future we need is less carbon, so why wait to get started?”

The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition is a growing grassroots coalition of landowners, community members, non-profit organizations, and interest groups united to stop the construction of the proposed Bakken Pipeline.
Coalition partners include:

100 Grannies for a Livable Future1000 Friends of IowaAllamakee County ProtectorsCitizens’ Climate LobbyDrake Environmental Action LeagueFood & Water WatchIowa Audubon SocietyIowa Citizens for Community ImprovementIowa Climate AdvocatesIowa Farmers Union, Iowa Interfaith Power & LightIowa Pipeline Abatement GroupIowa Renewable Energy AssociationIowa State University ActivUsIowa State University Sustainable Agriculture Student AssociationNo Bakken HereScience & Environmental Health NetworkSierra Club (Iowa Chapter)Women, Food & Agriculture Network, and Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom.