New Evidence Shows FBI Set Up Jeremy Hammond

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Chat where Sabu asks Hyrriiya to give him access to Stratfor.

New evidence backs up Jeremy Hammond’s story that he was set up by the FBI and the hack of Stratfor was not even his idea in the first place. The FBI previously claimed it was unaware of potential computer hacking until it was “too late”, but now we know that was a lie. The FBI was not only aware of the attacks, one of its informants, with their guidance, was encouraging the attacks for which Hammond was prosecuted. That informant’s name was Hector Xavier Monsegur aka “Sabu” and the person he was encouraging was Jeremy Hammond.

The FBI informant received access to Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor) from a hacker known as “Hyrriiya.” Hyrriiya wrote a letter for Hammond’s defense admitting that it was he who initially hacked Stratfor and then gave the info to Sabu.

Sabu, with FBI support, brought the Stratfor info to Hammond’s attention and encouraged Hammond to hack the private intelligence firm. The crime for which Hammond is currently serving a ten year sentence.

New information, obtained by the Daily Dot and Motherboard in April, not only affirms Hammond’s version of events, but also longstanding accusations that federal investigators allowed an informant to repeatedly break computer-crime laws while in pursuit of Hammond and other Anonymous figures.

Further, contrary to its prior statements, the FBI, through its surveillance of Monsegur, was aware of a security breach in the network of the private intelligence company well before it was “too late.”

So instead of stopping cybercrime, the FBI encouraged it? Why? Could it be that the FBI wanted to encourage a cybercrime spree to justify their budget?

The more we learn about the tangled web weaved by FBI informant Sabu the clearer it is that the FBI was less interested in protecting computer systems then having others hack into them to make later cases. The FBI not only allowed but facilitated the destruction of property and further compromising of internet security for their own political ends.

Some might call that entrapment and many note that is not the FBI’s role as a law enforcement agency.