New Hotline For Postal Service Whistleblowers

Above photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP.

Postal Service Workers: POGO Seeks Insider Information.

The United States Postal Service provides safe, timely communication for all Americans. Increasingly, that includes supporting U.S. elections by handling mail-in ballots, a function of vital importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. But unprecedented turmoil has shaken the institution in recent months. Concerns are mounting that administrative changes could undermine the agency’s basic mission: to deliver all Americans’ mail safely and on time.


Help us investigate and advocate for needed reforms.

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What to report:

This dedicated effort is being undertaken to ensure that POGO is able to help investigate and advocate for reforms relative to critical and essential Postal Service functions and operations. Please take a minute to read the following before making a disclosure, and realize that reporting wrongdoing can pose challenges and come with restrictions, but it is possible to fight wrongdoing from within without sacrificing one’s career. Also, if you are unaware of your rights to raise concerns, see POGO’s resources for federal employees.

Allegations about which POGO seeks information:

  • Decisions that impact the mail-in voting process
  • Reduction in service standards
  • Removal of postal sorting machines
  • Politicization of management
  • Management decisions designed to deliberately slow mail processing and delivery
  • Reduction of overtime or reduction of hours

What our hotline CANNOT assist you with:

  • Daily mail delivery and tracking problems: Please contact your local post office, your local Postal Service Consumer Affairs office, or you may file a complaint online.
  • Post office customer service issues and concerns: Please contact your local post office, your local Postal Service Consumer Affairs office, or you may file a complaint online.
  • Day-to-day management decisions.
  • Employee benefits and compensation (for Postal Service employees only): For more information, visit

For help on these or other issues, please visit the USPS Office of Inspector General hotline.

Privacy Statement:

Know that POGO takes your privacy very seriously and has a track record of refusing to disclose the identities of those who reach out to us in confidence. If we want to use any details you provide, we will contact you directly and discuss how to do so in a way that you are comfortable with.

You can also always email or contact us through the Signal app at 1-202-656-9263. For your protection, do not use a government, contractor or grantee phone, fax, or computer to contact POGO.

Why you can trust us:

The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a nonpartisan independent watchdog organization that investigates and exposes waste, corruption, abuse of power, and when the government fails to serve the public or silences those who report wrongdoing.

We champion reforms to achieve a more effective, ethical, and accountable federal government that safeguards constitutional principles.