New Jersey Tried To Hide The Fact That Newark Is Another Flint

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Residents of Newark New Jersey learned last year that their water was poisoned with high levels of lead, something the government failed to inform them about even though it knew about it in June 2017. When people learned of the problem, the government first denied it and then tried to blame homeowners and downplayed the severity of the impacts. Then, the city offered half-hearted solutions. We speak with Anthony Diaz, a long time organizer in Newark, who co-founded the Newark Water Coalition. They recently had a successful direct action and won an important victory, but there is still more to do. Diaz explains what is going on and offers advice for others who may face similar struggles.


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Anthony Diaz is co-founder of the Newark Water Coalition. Diaz traces his activist roots back to his teenage years, when he started Science Park High School’s first student union in the University Heights section of Newark. Later, he became involved with Newark’s Black Lives Matter movement and joined a group of other young progressives who called themselves “A Movement of the People.”

In 2018 Diaz ran his first public campaign for city council, representing Newark’s Central Ward. He didn’t win his election bid, but he has remained a dedicated community advocate. With the support of just a few other residents, he founded the Newark Water Coalition in 2018 as a means of raising public awareness about the city’s water crisis and putting pressure on local officials.

  • Great interview as always. Anthony Diaz is a great organizer and the Green Party of NJ was happy to be a a supporter of his campaign for Newark city council in 2018 and his work with the Newark Water Coalition. The protest at the VMAs on August 26th was one of the best protests I’ve been to. Very organic, Newark residents. Mayor Baraka claimed that outside agitators paid by the NRDC were behind the protests. I can tell you with certainty this is false. Organizations were invited by the Newark Water Coalition and the Green Party, Extinction Rebellion, Wind of the Spirit, the New Afrikan Black Panther Party are not paid agitators.

  • Steven Gaylord

    Early this year I read that there are over 50 cities whose water, also contaminated with lead, are just as bad as Flint MI or worse. Hell, considering all the toxins in the air, water, and food, and radiation from wireless telecoms, smart meters, and nuclear reactors, one can surmise that, by evil intent, a mass genocide or culling of the population is underway. To put it another way, the gun grabbers can’t lawfully find a way to take the 250+ million guns held in the hands of private citizens, which makes us the world’s largest standing army, then, instead of (after gun seizures) overtly knocking off 90% of the population, they’re doing it covertly. By stealth. It’s the only option that the cabal (Khazarian Mafia) has left. …other than forcing a nuclear war. Which, by the way, they have tried. But President Putin didn’t take the bait.

  • kevinzeese

    Thank you for putting us in touch with Diaz who is an excellent young activist. And thanks for your work on this important issue.