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As Anti-Trump / Anti-Russia Campaign Fails – Yascha Mounk Feeds New Lies

The U.S. borg is vehemently trying to set up Russia as an enemy of the “west”. Their anti-Russian propaganda has become part of the campaign against U.S. President Trump who seeks détente with Russia. It requires intense efforts to denigrate the country, its citizens and its leaders. Here is an example of how such propaganda is fabricated.

Yascha Mounk is:

a Lecturer on Political Theory at Harvard University’s Government Department, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy of the German Marshall Fund, and a Nonresident Fellow at New America’s Political Reform Program.

He is a self declared liberal internationalist who has been published and quoted by lots of international media.

Yesterday Mounk tweeted this:



The Mounk tweet is a series of lies:

Need a reminder of the human cost of dictatorship? All these are journalists who criticized Putin–and died under mysterious circumstances

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is dully elected and not a dictator. The Russian Federation may not be a “liberal democracy”, but it is a democracy. The picture is old. It shows all Russian journalists who died during their work since 1991. Most of them died as war- or crime-correspondents and were not involved in politics at all. The death of most of those journalists is not mysterious. Getting blown up by artillery during the wars in Chechnya, Yugoslavia or Ukraine is no mystery at all. Most of these journalists never criticize Putin. They were already dead before Putin had any significant political role.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) lists 82 killed Russian journalists since 1992, most of them died due to war or related to civil crimes or corruption. There are about 80 portraits of journalists in the picture Mounk tweeted.

Two recognizable portraits and names therein are of Vlad Listyev, a TV entertainment producer killed in 1995 over some controversy about lucrative advertisement on public TV. Another portrait is of Dmitry Kholodov, killed in 1994 while investigating mafia connections within the Russian military. At the time of their death Putin was a minor bureaucrat in Saint Petersburg. He did not gain power until he became acting president at the end of 1999.

According to the CPJ numbers more Russian journalists were killed during the eight years of Yeltsin’s presidency (1992-2000) than in the 17 years of Putin’s presidencies since. Mounk claims “All these are journalists who criticized Putin …” when more than half of them were already dead before Putin became known and to power. It was during the time of the “Harvard boys” who robbed Russia blind that most of these journalist were killed. The Russian system, thanks to the Harvard driven “reforms” and criminal privatization under Yeltsin, is a rough terrain for investigating oligarchs and mafia businesses. But there is no evidence, none at all, that Putin was ever involved in the decease of any journalist.

The first original publishing of the Mounk picture may have been as early as 2009. A piece on journalists remembrance in Russia from 2014 already includes the pic. The reverse image search shows that the picture has been has been used by several news-outlets since.

Every aspect of the Mounk tweet is a lie.

But Mounk’s lies have by now been re-tweeted over 22,000 times. Many of those who see it will believe the claims he makes. They will trust a widely publish Harvard academic. But the tweet, as well as nearly all other claims about Russia one sees in “western” media, is pure propaganda. It is like the editorial in today’s New York Times that claims “Russia’s oil-dependent economy [is] in trouble” while all Russian economic numbers turned positive and all indicators point to accelerating growth. It is fake news.

The anti-Russian propaganda campaign is now part of the “liberal” campaign against U.S. president Trump. It is failing. Trump’s support is steady if not increasing despite daily new revelation about his (non existent) “collusion with Russia” and the (non existing) “Russian interference” in the U.S. election.

The purveyors of the propaganda stories are in despair. Each and every new fire they try to stoke dies off within a day or two. The temptation then is to invent and push ever bigger lies about Trump, Russia and their non-existing connections.

The fake news Mounk spits out, and which disqualify him as an academic, is a sign of their accelerating panic.

  • timmfr30

    yes, leave vlad alone…he’s a saint…..

  • kevinzeese

    Where did anyone say that? What is being said is that Russiagate is still unproven. This is one more example of a commonly accepting claim that seems to be false.

  • timmfr30

    stay in that bubble…… it will burst soon……

  • Aquifer

    Oh, baloney, Benghazi has nothing to do with this … talk about fake left, go right … good grief ….

    Your bubble is full of hot air ….

  • Robert H. Stiver

    A counterbalancing, valuable read. Thank you.

  • timmfr30

    oh but it does…it’s about nonsensical bs investigations vs. a treasonous ,grifter family in the white house…the hot air is in the white house

  • Aquifer

    Benghazi is about that? Who knew …

  • timmfr30

    oh, baloney

  • chetdude

    Sure, I can say “Benghazi”.

    That’s where a few USAmerican “diplomats” (and CIA operatives) were wiped out thanks to Hillary and Barack’s decision to bomb Libya and cause “regime change”…

  • timmfr30

    that was a test and you failed miserably…sometimes this shit is just too easy… can you say “duped”? as you clearly have been….

  • kevinzeese

    The State Department, Congress and Obama were very careful to avoid mentioning that the embassy was a headquarters the CIA’s regime change operations in Libya. That hidden reality is why they were attacked.

  • timmfr30

    you keep failing… are talking gibberish and you know it….you are easily played….

  • kevinzeese

    I am afraid you are the one who has been played, but I will leave a that.

  • timmfr30

    as did all the taxpayer funded hearings…….nothing there….. just republicans using the death of true american patriots for political gain……shame….shame…..Trey Gowdy ring a bell?…. really skippy?

  • kevinzeese

    You say nothing. Do you fear telling us what you think Benghazi was about? Was the embassy used as a CIA base? Was that why it was attacked? If not, what do you believe?

  • chetdude

    As you’ve just demonstrated by your abysmal level of ignorance concerning what you’re talking about, you aren’t qualified to “give tests”…

  • Chris Bacher

    “stupid people”, 4 died at Benghazi. How many died at how many embassies under bush/Cheney? You really are one of those special people twumpy loves.