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New Occupation At Mississippi Entrance To Dakota Access Pipeline

Above photo: (LtoR) Mary Beth Valenta, Jessica Reznicek, Cheryl Valenta, Aaron Valenta and Brenda Konx

Call to Occupy 24/7 Dakota Access pipeline Mississippi entrance … join Jessica Reznicek, bring your tent and nonviolently shut it down!

Jessica Reznicek out of jail and is now starting a “24/7” occupation of the Dakota Access pipeline Mississippi entrance just north of Keokuk IA.

DM Catholic Worker Jess Reznicek was arrested twice earlier this week for blocking traffic at this Dakota Access pipeline entrance on the Mississippi.

SEE: Aug. 30, 2016 1st Arrest: Jessica Reznicek, DM Catholic Worker arrested at Dakota Access pipeline in Keokuk IA calling for others to join her..
Sept 1, 2016 2nd Arrest: Jessica Reznicek’s’ 2nd arrest at the Dakota Access pipeline Mississippi River entrance, in jail tonight, see’s Judge tomorrow…

In hopes to get more people to join her, Jess changed her presence from blocking traffic in and out of the site to setting up her tent and starting a 24 hr / 7 days a week occupation of the entrance.

The Address is 3333 Great (Mississippi) River Road, Montrose.
Google Map:

Take 218 S to Keokuk Exit 18 and head toward Montrose. Jessica is camped out 4 miles south of Montrose and one mile north of Sandusky on Mississippi River Road. It’s on the right (west side) if coming from the north. GPS coordinates are is N 40 28.267/ W 091 22.406 if that’s helpful. All of the entrances to DA work sites have big multi-colored flags and Access Road Signs – it’s Access number 35!  Jess’ phone number is
515-306-1530, Franks is 515 – 490-2490

Below link to 35 photos of Jess’s return to Dakota Access pipeline Mississippi river entrance. Jess was accompanied by 3 women activists, Mary Beth Valenta, Cheryl Valenta, Aaron Valenta from 100 Grannies in Iowa City and by local pipeline activist Brenda Knox. The slide shows Jess and her four women supporters retaking the Mississippi pipe line entrance yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m. It shows the five women allowing traffic in and out of the site all the while Dakota Access security people filming the effort. The women made prayer lines waiting for police. The police arrive and help negotiate a safe place for Jess to set up her tent next to the entrance, off to the side on private property. Later that evening Jess got permission from the property owner to set her tent up and welcomes others to join her in the same nonviolent spirit.

If you are able please come to the Mississippi river, bring your tent and your spirit of nonviolence and help shut this place down..

For more info and updates contact:
Frank Cordaro
515 490 2490
Des Moines Catholic Worker


An introduction to Jessica Reznicek in her own words. Links to 10 via pacis articles by Jess between March 2012 and July 2015.

On Dec 27, 2015 Jessica Reznicek earned the name “Hammer of Justice” Below links tell why…
“Why I acted” Hammer of Justice Jessica Reznicek’s statement from Sarpy County Jail, Jan 11, 2016
“Jailed peace activist prepares for trial, plans to put Northrop Grumman in hot seat” by Amber Williams, Via Pacis, April 2016
“Sometimes Nothing Can Be A Real Cool Hand: Jessica Reznicek appeals to jury with Cool Hand Luke defense on trial in Nebraska” by Frank Cordaro, Via Pacis, July 16, 2016

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