New Publication: Countering Military Recruitment Campaigns Internationally

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WRI’s new booklet, Countering Military Recruitment: Learning the lessons of counter-recruitment campaigns internationally, is out now. The booklet includes examples of campaigning against youth militarisation across different countries with the contribution of grassroots activists.

You can order a paperback version here.

‘Countering the militarisation of youth’ is one of WRI’s major areas of work. In making this booklet, we set out to investigate one part of this activism: campaigns to counter the recruitment of young people by armed forces and armed groups.

From ad-busting to nonviolence training, to promoting peace education and others, the contributions in the booklet provide many ideas for different tactics to counter the recruitment of young people. They also suggest that methods for resisting recruitment necessarily vary across different contexts.

Given the diversity of these campaigns, the booklet is not so much a how-to-guide for counter-recruitment as an exploration of the issues in counter-recruitment. We hope it will be a useful starting point for groups wanting to begin this work, and thought-provoking for those already doing it.

You can download a pdf copy here.

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  • Greeley Miklashek

    Corporate Amerika has created a culture of violence and hatred rivaled only by ancient Rome: Coliseums filled with screaming, raging, vicarious Gladiators, howling along with the physically violent “play” on the gridiron; cable programming of feigned violent “Professional Wrestling” that more resembles sadistic mugging; streaming violent movies wherein formerly graphic novels come alive and mayhem prevails; and a whole new genre of Military Recruitment ads that are indistinguishable from thousands of violent video “games”. And, now, the “rallies” supporting Our Mad King Donald’s obviously sadistic and violent agendas against all the remaining trappings of our once democratic Republic. “Reality TV” and our “Apprentice” star have come home to bite us in the ass. So, what is the core problem?

    We have become addicted to stress in all its various forms, including all the forms of hatred and violence listed above, but not to forget the up surge of “zombies” and “alien” creatures
    that explode in a shower of acid when dispatched with gun fire. I grew-up with far more simplistic cartoon violence and Cowboys or Dog Soldiers killing those pesky Indians by the dozens, but today’s MSM and “gamers” have reached a new peak of violent stress induction. And, it feels wonderful! That’s why we do it! It’s the dopamine and endorphins released with the stress response that we’ve literally become addicted to. Now, we have become violence and hatred addicts and the MSM knows just how to keep our eyeballs glued to their endless productions, which seamlessly blend into Military Ads with such efficiency that we can’t tell where the “game” ends and the reality of war begins.

    I always wondered why so many of my vet patients were unwilling to undergo the simple EMDR based psychotherapy which is readily available in most areas now. They often wouldn’t admit it, but the truth is that they were addicted to the battle “high” and reliving near death experiences in battle keep the high going. But at what price?

    Our overactive stress responses, generated by nearly ever aspect of our modern man-made physical environments, are the basic cause of ALL of our myriad “diseases of civilization”, and a combination of our over-active sympathetic nervous systems, and the over-production of the stress hormones (nor)epinephrine and cortisol, are literally killing us. We love the “high” from the associated discharge of dopamine and endorphins, but we’re paying one hell of a price for the over-abundance of “feel-good” chemicals, and the addiction to them that characterizes modern lifestyles.

    My advice: take a break from the violence, avoid the violent MSM, stop hating, avoid war, exercise, take a walk in Nature, and learn to relax and enjoy life without the stress “highs” and inevitable lows that will follow. Good Luck and, if you’re a vet with PTSD, try EMDR with an experienced therapist. You can learn to relax and experience the more subtle joys of a life well lived. Stress R Us