New Report On US’ Illegal Sanctions; A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming

One of President Biden’s first statements included an intention to review the United States’ sanctions, which are actually unilateral coercive measures, to determine if they ‘unduly hinder’ the ability of targeted countries to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. That review, to be conducted by the US Treasury and State Department, has not been made public, if it has been done at all. The Sanctions Kill coalition conducted its own report on “The Impact and Consequences of US Sanctions,” which was released last week. Clearing the FOG speaks with two of the authors, John Philpot and David Paul, about what sanctions are, why they are illegal and the findings of the report. They explain that the US’ sanctions are not just impacting the 39 targeted countries but are also restraining countries and companies that do business with those countries. Given the growing backlash against the US’ overreach, Philpot, an international lawyer, predicts the US will be held accountable for its crimes and required to pay reparations.

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John Philpot is a senior criminal litigation attorney. Member of the Barreau du Québec since 1984, he has practiced Criminal Law in Montreal since 1984 and International Criminal Law since 1998. Read more here.

David Paul is a retired Nurse Practitioner, with a long time interest in the anti war movement and Latin American solidarity efforts, including during the 1980s working with  CHRICA ( Committee for Health Rights in  Central America) .Currently a member of  the Immigration Rights and International Solidarity Committee of the San Francisco Democratic Socialists of America,  SEIU local 1021, Embassy Protection Collective, and the Saving Lives Campaign.