New Study: Artificial Intelligence Will Alter Humankind In 10 Years

| Resistance Report

Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp has the latest on an impending crisis robots are causing. As jobs are rapidly becoming automated, what will it mean the society of workers made of flesh and blood and not controlled by a processor? Robots are climbing the ladder and will soon take over more mortal jobs. Though it may not be hard to imagine that cashiers will disappear, with self check out already around the corner, there are also white collar jobs at risk. With this imminent job loss, what on Earth can we do as a society to take on skyrocketing unemployment? Lee gets into why the growth of artificial intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world if we harness these changes the right way.

Then to Europe: Theresa May’s Conservative Party may be collapsing in Great Britain, and in Germany, citizens are getting 85 percent of their electricity from renewables like wind and solar power, a feat our nation has yet to accomplish. The revived zombie of the War on Drugs, as marijuana sales enjoy a boost thanks to legalization in several states. Natalie McGill discusses the positive change to our environment and our health that electric cars can bring, but the harebrained obstacles state governments are putting up for them. And John F O’Donnell reports on how cities’ corporate spaces are being reclaimed by activist groups.

  • DHFabian

    Yes, we’ve been periodically panicking about robots/computers taking our jobs since at least the 1950s. Most job loss in the US since the 1980s has been the result of shipping out a huge number of jobs (esp. manufacturing). We have a surplus population — more people than are currently needed by employers. Rather than making the socioeconomic adjustments necessary, we disregard the consequences. We cut them off, with no means of providing for themselves, and have been “letting nature take it’s course.” As long as they are kept under control, it isn’t a problem. Right?

  • Jon

    If we reject the capitalist mode of employment–hire if you can make a profit of the labor–and institute other criteria, like “what is needed in this community?” and hire accordingly, we can reverse this dismal trend. What is needed? Food, clean water, absence of pollutants in the air, health services, and housing, just to start! Ready, set GO (but not under this system of oppression).