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New Work New Culture Conference



Registration via the New Work New Culture website is now available for the October event in Detroit that will convene thinker/doers from all over the world who are building an earth friendly economy for all.

From October 18-20 in Detroit, Michigan several hundred activists, organizers, theorists, farmers, culture creators, builders, inventors and entrepreneurs will meet to exchange ideas and experiences. A vendors and exhibitors area will feature new machines and new ways to use them.

It will also include displays on global communication and community based production of food, energy, housing, transportation, education, recreation, art and durable goods.

Featured presenters, facilitators and dialogue leaders include, but are not limited to, Frithjof Bergmann, Blair Evans, Emmanuel Pratt, Rebecca Solnit, Gar Alperovitz, Grace Lee Boggs, Kathi Weeks, Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty, Mischa Schaub, Frank Joyce, Kim Sherrobi, Michael Hardt, Judith Snow, Adrienne Marie Brown and Halima Cassells. Food will be provided by local New Work farmers, caterers and restaurants. Practitioners and theorists will come together in “worthshops” to discuss education, energy production, food production and distribution, recreation, sports and entertainment, additive manufacturing using fabricators, community land trusts and other topics. Several cultural events will be part of the program.

The gathering will open at Wayne State University on Saturday afternoon October following the conclusion of the 2014 North American Labor History Conference. The Saturday program will include a healing space exercise, discussion on Why New Culture, and a cultural event featuring local and national talent. On Sunday and Monday, the conference will move to the Samaritan Center located at 5555 Conner on the eastside of Detroit.

Please visit for additional program information. The registration fee of $200 includes several meals. For those needing financial assistance, scholarships are available. Accommodation options are listed under the Lodging Info tab on the website.

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