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New York at Crossroads Protests Hydro-Fracking, Supports Renewable Energy

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In the 5 years New Yorkers have been fighting fracking, we’ve made a lot of friends and we’ve met a lot of incredible people. On June 17, thousands of us are going to Albany to make a bold and powerful demand to Governor Cuomo in a rally and march, and make it loudly: a frack free future powered by renewable energy!

We need you there. 94 year old folk music and activist legend Pete Seeger will lead us in song! So will the amazing Natalie Merchant! Former Congressman and hero of the environmental movement Maurice Hinchey is speaking. Everyday New Yorkers will implore Governor Cuomo to let their children grow up healthy. Lois Gibbs, who lived through and campaigned to clean up Love Canal is bringing her voice and her story.

Mark Jacobson, who spearheaded the groundbreaking study laying out a path for New York to get to 100% renewable energy, will be there to offer a vision of prosperity for our state with the science to back it up. As well as faith leaders, farmers, business owners, medical professionals, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun,, Jim Dean of Democracy for America, a co-founder of Sungevity, and representatives of more than 130 organizations working for a better future. This is a pivotal moment to make a stand against fracking and for a strong renewable energy economy. And everyone knows that what happens in NY sends political shockwaves across the nation. Join us!

We have buses from across the state and still need to fill more seats. Click here to reserve your seat!

Governor Cuomo has said that he will make a decision about fracking soon. He needs to see how big and broad our movement is, and that it’s growing. June 17also marks the last week of this year’s legislative session, and our elected officials need to see us at the door to the Capitol reminding them that we will never allow fracking in New York State.

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