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Newark, NJ Students Walk Out For Underserved Schools

About 1,000 Newark, New Jersey public school students walked out of school for today in response to a number of issues, including what many say is insufficient funding and proposed plans to place charter schools in district buildings.

#NPSWalkOut2014 coincided with a state senate budget hearing on education. Besides demanding changes to funding, students are hoping legislators give control of Newark’s schools back to the city (managed by the state for 18 years).

The walkout began at various Newark schools and ended at the steps of Newark City Hall. As the demonstration grew, administrators reportedly tried to stop more students from joining.

However, many students still found their way to the rally. The picture below marked a point close to their final destination.

BkUAua_IEAAOEQZStudents soon reached Newark City Hall and joined forces.

Today’s protest followed a similar one that took place last year. The Stream covered those demonstrations as well.

Check out these “11 Reasons Why You Should Walk Out.

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