“The Gilets Jaunes Have Blown Up The Old Political Categories”

By Jerome Roos, ROAR -

a loosely structured movement of angry citizens named after the yellow high-visibility vests all French drivers are required to keep in their cars in case of distress — defied an unprecedented security crackdown to return to the streets of Paris [...]

Phil Ochs and the Crucifixion Of President John F. Kennedy

By Edward Curtain, Dissident Voice -

Phil Ochs was in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, standing outside the Dal-Tex building in Dealey Plaza when JFK was driven by to be killed. Glover says Phil told him he went there as a “national security observer.”

General Motors’ Factories Should Not Be Closed. They Should Be Turned Over to the Workers

By Rich Whitney, Counterpunch -

General Motors’ November 26th announcement that it will be eliminating more than 14,000 jobs and closing seven factories worldwide by the end of next year, including four factories in the U.S. and one in Canada is an opportunity. These [...]

When Peaceful Protest Is Met With Geared Up Violence At The Border

By LJM, Popular Resistance -

On Monday, Dec 10th, 2018, the Poor People’s Campaign, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and multiple faith leaders from all walks of life assembled at the border in a peaceful protest to support migrants. During the protest, border [...]

Every Single Member Of US Congress Approved Crushing Sanctions On Nicaragua

By Ben Norton, Mintpressnews.com -

GrayZone Project — Every single member in both chambers of the US Congress approved legislation that will impose sanctions and financial restrictions on Nicaragua in an explicit effort to weaken its government. Known as the NICA Act, the bill is [...]

The Demands Of The Yellow Vest Movement Are Growing Into Real Systemic Change

By Phillip J. Watt, Wakingtimes.com -

Long story short; French citizens have revolted for the fourth week in a row calling for changes in governmental and corporate design. Even though UN Military and thousands of French police have been deployed in response, the police have [...]

Tackling Climate Change Means Addressing Inequality And Building Resilience To Climate Change

By Staff, Gofossilfree.org -

The Gilets Jaunes movement sprung up in France, responding to a decision by the French government to increase taxes on fuel starting in 2019, officially to finance incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles. In reality, only a fraction of [...]

Two Koreas Begin Verifying Removal Of DMZ Guard Posts: Defense Ministry

By Dagyum Ji, Nknews.org -

North and South Korea began a mutual on-site verification of the trial withdrawal and disarmament of 22 guard posts (GPs) along the demilitarized zone (DMZ) on Wednesday, the ROK Ministry of National Defense (MND) announced the same day. [...]

Trump Administration Auctions Off 150,000 Acres Of Public Land For Fossil-Fuel Extraction

Alexandra Jacobo, Nationofchange.org -

The Trump administration is continuing to their ramp-up of offering up public lands to the oil and gas industry for fossil fuel extraction. The newest offering is 150,000 acres of public lands near several national parks in Utah. The land that [...]

Communist NY Councilman Ben Davis And The Meaning Of Nonviolence

By Andrew Stewart, Washingtonbabylon.com -

As we continue to see protests emerge nationwide in opposition to oppression promoted by the state and its co-conspirators in big business, we need to better understand the lessons of the Smith Act trials and the life of Benjamin Davis. In [...]

They Took Control Of Their Workplace — And They Won

By Staff, Ueunion.org -

The September 15, 2008 collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank has precipitated a full-scale financial crisis. Both presidential candidates — Senators John McCain and Barack Obama — left the campaign trail to vote for a $700 billion [...]

Revealed: FBI Kept Files On Peaceful Climate Change Protesters

By Adam Federman, Theguardian.com -

On 15 May 2016 three friends from Fairfield, Iowa, made the five-hour drive to an oil refinery on the shores of Lake Michigan to participate in what was part of a series of protests and acts of civil disobedience in the fight against climate [...]

US-Russia Tensions Mount Over Warplanes In Venezuela

By Bill Van Auken, Wsws.org -

The landing of two Russian long-range strategic bombers at an airport outside of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas Monday touched off a bitter exchange between US and Russian officials, underscoring the increasingly tense and dangerous relations [...]

The Return Of The Nicaraguan Contras, And The Rise Of The Pro-Contra Left

By Dan Kovalik, Counterpunch.org -

According to our nation’s paper of record, the New York Times, the Nicaraguan Contras re-activated some time ago in order to take on their old foe, Daniel Ortega, who had been re-elected in 2007 after a long hiatus of 17 years.  One may recall [...]

Congress And States Should Enact A Green New Deal

By Mark Dunlea, Popular Resistance. -

While many candidates in 2018 used the phrase the Green New Deal to highlight that a transition to renewable energy would help create living wage jobs, AOC’s proposal for a plan for 100% clean energy by 2030, single payer health care and other [...]