The Bill And Melinda Gates’ Fair Taxation Scaremongering Tour

By Chris Orlet, -

Billionaire philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, appearing recently on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, said a number of things that made Colbert’s liberal audience squeal with delight. When told that the very existence of billionaires was [...]

Progressives Should Support Open Borders — With No Apology

By Khury Petersen-Smith, -

When President Donald Trump claimed in his State of the Union Address that “wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders, while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards,” it was his latest of countless efforts to accuse [...]

Alleged “Spy” Monica Witt Is No Justification For US War On Iran

By William Boardman, -

With a coordinated offensive of public relations strikes on February 13, the US government did its best to improve the climate for war by demonizing Monica Witt and further demonizing Iran. The Justice Department released a self-congratulatory [...]

San Agustín: Popular Power Striking Back Against The Coup And The Crisis

By Ricardo Vaz, -

In recent weeks, the mainstream media has bombarded us with selective images of Venezuela, with Venezuelans portrayed either as passively suffering from the devastating crisis or desperately wanting to be rid of the elected government of Nicolas [...]

National Guard Filling Gaps In All-Volunteer Army

By Rebecca Gordon, -

A young friend is seriously considering joining her state’s National Guard. She’s a world-class athlete, but also a working-class woman from a rural background competing in a rich person’s sport. Between seasons, she works for a local farm and [...]

How The Rule Of The Rabbis Is Fuelling A Holy War In Israel

By Staff, -

In which country did a senior, state-salaried cleric urge his followers last month to become “warriors”, emulating a group of young men who had murdered a woman of another faith? The cleric did so with impunity. In fact, he was only echoing [...]

The U.S.-Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus, But No One Wants to Say It

By Adam H. Johnson, -

No one actually thinks the same Donald Trump who kicked off his run for the White House by calling Mexicans rapists, and subsequently, as president, left Puerto Rico for dead after Hurricane Maria, cares at all about the Venezuelan poor. No one [...]

Europe Can Go Organic

By Staff, -

Europe could be farmed entirely through agroecological approaches such as organic and still feed a growing population, a new scientific paper released yesterday shows. Published a week after research revealed a steep decline in global insect [...]

Oakland Teachers Strike For Better Pay, Many Students Stay Away From Class

By Ali Tadayon, -

OAKLAND — Teachers demanding better pay started a strike Thursday that’s expected to continue Friday and possibly longer, forming picket lines at dozens of Oakland public schools, which few students crossed to attend classes held by fill-in [...]

Arts Organizing Lifts Oakland Teachers Strike

By David Solnit, -

Surrounded by a hundred teachers and supporters painting banners, screen printing fabric picket flags, and learning strike songs, Oakland teachers union president Keith Brown held a press conference announced that Oakland teachers would hold a [...]

West Virginia Educators Remain Defiant In Second Day Of Statewide Strike

By Tom Eley, -

Efforts by the unions to declare “victory” after the tabling of the bill and to pressure strikers back to work failed to convince striking educators who remember all too well similar declarations after the unions shut down their powerful [...]

QE Forever: The Fed’s Dramatic About-face

By Staff, -

“Quantitative easing” was supposed to be an emergency measure. The Federal Reserve “eased” shrinkage in the money supply due to the 2008-09 credit crisis by pumping out trillions of dollars in new bank reserves. After the crisis, the presumption [...]

President Maduro Shuts Venezuela’s Border With Brazil

By Staff, -

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday the closure of Venezuela's border with Brazil adding that his government was evaluating the total shutdown of the country's border with neighboring Colombia amid mounting threats of [...]

Meet Juan Guaido’s First Ambassador, Fake Twitter Diplomat Slammed By Costa Rica For ‘Unacceptable Entry’

By Anya Parampil, -

While tweeting that she had taken charge of Venezuela’s Embassy in Costa Rica on February 20, Maria Faría demonstrated that she was more familiar with the conventions of social media than those dictating international diplomacy. “In fulfillment [...]

“It’s Eco-Socialism Or Death”

By Kali Akuno,   -

The Green New Deal (GND) is now part of the national conversation. But for decades, social movements have been doing the on-the-ground work to resist fossil capitalism and envision a different future. Such grassroots social mobilization — but at [...]