Zombie NATO Is Obsolete; Militarists Try To Revive It Through Expanded Targets

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) held an abbreviated two-day meeting this week in London on its 70th anniversary. On display was a zombie alliance that is bitterly divided on multiple issues and has lost its purpose for existing. [...]

With People In The Streets Worldwide, Media Focus Uniquely On Hong Kong

By Alan Macleod, FAIR -

US corporate media have been disproportionately interested in only one: the Hong Kong protests. As FAIR argued previously (FAIR.org, 10/26/19), this disparity in coverage can largely be explained by understanding who is protesting and what [...]

Kansas City, Missouri Approves Free Public Transit for All

By Julia Conley, Common Dreams -

Lawmakers in Kansas City, Missouri took a "visionary step" on Thursday by unanimously voting to make public transportation in the city free of charge, setting the stage for it to be the first major U.S. city to have free public transit. The [...]

US Government Drops Prosecution Of Max Blumenthal After Jailing Journalist On False Charges

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone Project -

The US government has dropped its bogus charge of “simple assault” against journalist Max Blumenthal, after having him arrested on a 5-month-old warrant and jailed for nearly two days. The Grayzone has learned that Secret Service call logs [...]

There Can Be No Climate Justice Without Social Justice

By Milagros Pichardo, Granma -

“Forests are shrinking, the air is poisoned and rivers polluted. Countless species of plants and animals perish have perished. Soils are impoverished. Old and new epidemics spread, while the population grows, multiplying the legions of the [...]

Sanctions Harm One-Third Of The World’s People

By Sara Flounders , Workers World -

The most insidious and pervasive form of modern warfare by Wall Street and the Pentagon, acting in coordination, is passing largely unnoticed and unchallenged. This calculated attack is rolling back decades of progress in health care, [...]

Accelerating Equity In Electric Cars

By Gabreille Gurley, American Prospect -

Electric cars will eventually be all cars, but the speed by which they displace conventional cars will depend on making them affordable for low- and middle-income drivers. This transition already risks leaving low- and moderate-income people [...]

US Role in Lebanon’s Crisis Goes Unrecognized

By As`ad AbuKhalil, Consortium News -

The bulk of Lebanon’s corrupt ruling class are clients of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, not Iran. But this fact is too inconvenient for Western media to point out. Of all the underlying causes of Lebanon’s current crisis, the role of the U.S. [...]

Student Loan Debt: Unsafe In Any Amount

By Lynn Petrovich, Popular Resistance. -

If Americans were aware of the extent that student loan debt has been carved out to serve the pockets of the educational and financial industries as well as the government, they’d think twice before considering higher education. Beginning in [...]

Fascists, With Help From The US, Are Trying To Take Control Of Latin America

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

Clearing the FOG hosts Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese interviewed William Camacaro, a Venezuelan activist living in New York City who is active with the Solidarity Committee with Venezuela NYC and organizes food sovereignty tours to Venezuela, [...]

Doctors Condemn Failure Of UK To Respond To Demand For Medical Care For Assange

By Staff, Wsws.org -

The doctors from around the world who issued an open letter on November 22 calling for the immediate transfer of Julian Assange from the maximum security Belmarsh Prison to a university teaching hospital have written again to publicly condemn [...]

What’s The Secret To Success For Nonviolent Movements? Try Solidarity.

By Rivera Sun, Wagingnonviolence.org -

There’s a secret to success for nonviolent movements for change: solidarity. Instead of “going it alone,” movements can amplify their message, leverage collective power, and build strength by seeking solidarity from aligned organizations and [...]

This Holiday Season, American Workers Have Little To Celebrate

By Danny Haiphong, Ahtribune.com -

Every year, much of the U.S. population celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas to show appreciation for their families and friends. Thanksgiving normalizes the colonial origins of the United States and erases the brutality of the English settlers [...]

Meet The Activists Risking Prison To Film VR In Factory Farms

By Andy Greenberg, Wired.com -

As the truck speeds off, the three figures scramble quietly off the highway shoulder and into a terrain of scrub brush and jagged gullies. For the next 15 minutes, they walk down an unlit dirt road in near total darkness; even the waning moon’s [...]

Another U.S. Regime Change Operation Is Taking Shape In Mexico

By Staff, Rainershea.com -

When it comes to Mexico, one can at this point easily spot the signs of a brewing U.S. regime change operation. Since Mexico’s president Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected last year, he’s been thoroughly vilified by the U.S. media. After [...]