‘We Must Grow This Movement’: Youth Climate Activists Ramp Up the Pressure

By Kristoffer Tigue, Insideclimatenews.org -

A new wave of climate protests hit cities around the world this week—this time aimed at shocking people with civil disobedience, fake blood on the pavement and bodies lying in the streets under signs that read: "Stop funding climate death." The [...]

College Students From The Korea University Student Association Entered US Embassy Residence

By Staff,  Sovereignty Broadcast -

On October 18, university students staged a protest inside the residence of the U.S. ambassador to South Korea against defense cost-sharing. South Korea paid $920 million for 2018 (in addition to a nearly $11 billion for building the Camp [...]

Can An Economic Stat Help Narrow Our Grand Economic Divide?

By Sam Pizzigati, Inequality.org -

Why do so many Americans deeply distrust government? One part of the reason, two top economists suggested to a key congressional committee this week, just might be the most basic — and familiar — of the economic statistics the federal government [...]

Brother Of Honduran President Found Guilty In U.S. Drug Trial

By Brendan Pierson, Reuters.com -

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Honduran politician Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernandez was found guilty of U.S. drug trafficking charges on Friday after a two-week trial that featured dramatic accusations of corruption against his brother, the Central American [...]

Syria: The Biggest US Defeat Since Vietnam

By Pepe Escobar, Consortiumnews.com -

What is happening in Syria, following yet another Russia-brokered deal, is a massive geopolitical game-changer. I’ve tried to summarize it in a single paragraph this way:  “It’s a quadruple win. The U.S. performs a face saving withdrawal, which [...]

How The Mainstream Media Tries To Convince You That Medicare For All Is Impossible

By Celisa Calacal, Independent Media Institute, Economy for All -

Despite numerous polls showing a majority of the public supports a Medicare for All, single-payer health care system, reports from mainstream media paint a different picture. In a New York Times election piece from February on the Democratic [...]

After Second Deadly Crash, Regulators Say Trucks Leaking Fracked Gas Cargo Are Fine

By Justin Nobel, Desmogblog.com -

Last Friday, October 11, a “Virtual Pipeline” truck carrying compressed natural gas crashed on a highway in Orange, Massachusetts, killing the driver, leaking the potent greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere, and leading local authorities [...]

Why I Support Closing Rikers Island Without Building New Jails: A Letter From Prisoner Lee Doane

By Staff, Shadowproof.com -

As New York City lawmakers prepare to cast a critical vote to invest billions of dollars in new jails as part of an effort to close the Rikers Island jail complex, Shadowproof exchanged letters with incarcerated people who are part of the [...]

How To Resolve The Chicago Teachers Strike? Tax The Rich.

By Amisha Patel and Nathan Ryan, Inthesetimes.com -

The past year of bold worker action in Chicago—which included the nation’s first charter school strikes—is now headed towards a crescendo as teachers and support staff prepare to walk off the job on Thursday. Despite the city’s attempt to box [...]

The US Has Backed 21 Of The 28 ‘Crazy’ Militias Leading Turkey’s Brutal Invasion Of Northern Syria

By Max Blumenthal, Thegrayzone.com -

Footage showing members of Turkey’s mercenary “national army” executing Kurdish captives as they led the Turkish invasion of northern Syria touched off a national outrage, provoking US government officials, pundits and major politicians to rage [...]

Barcelona Rocked By Violence On Fifth Day Of Separatist Protests

By Isla Binnie, Marco Trujillo, and Guillermo Martinez, Reuters.com -

The violence followed a largely peaceful demonstration which drew more than half a million people onto the streets of the Catalan capital to denounce the lengthy jail terms that have sent a shockwave through Spanish politics. As night fell, [...]

Chicago Teachers Demand Affordable Housing As Strike Begins

More than 25,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and about 7,500 support staffers represented by Service Employees International Union Local 73 are walking out of schools in the nation’s third-largest school district today, joining a [...]

What’s At Stake In Chicago Teachers’ Strike: Whether Unions Can Bargain For The Entire Working Class

By Rebecca Burns, Inthesetimes.com -

“Solving Chicago’s affordable housing crisis? What’s that got to do with a labor contract for educators?” That’s the question the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board asked last week as the city’s teachers and school support staff inched closer to [...]

Economics Of Poverty, Or The Poverty Of Economics

By Staff, Anticap.wordpress.com -

As every year, mainstream economists lined up to laud the choice. Dani Rodrik declared it “a richly deserved recognition.” Richard Thaler, who won the award in 2017 (here’s a link to my analysis), extended his congratulations to the Banerjee, [...]

Why Withdrawing US Troops From Northern Syria Is Good

By Rick Sterling, Globalresearch.ca -

If one believes in restoring international law and the UN Charter,  it is GOOD that US military forces have been withdrawn from  northern Syria. Here are some facts and history which explain why. Basic fact: It’s not our country and US troops [...]