Venezuelan Government Envoy Alex Saab Extradited To The United States

By Venezuela Analysis. -

Venezuelan government envoy Alex Saab has been extradited to the United States from Cape Verde, where he had been imprisoned since 2020. The extradition was first reported by local Cape Verde outlets and later confirmed by US officials. The [...]

Building Towards Climate Resilience In The Caribbean

By Johannah-rae Reyes, ROAR Magazine. -

In 2017, Hurricane Maria raged across the Caribbean island of Dominica, leaving 31 people dead with many more still missing to this day. When the hurricane had passed, island residents were left to contend with widespread infrastructural damage [...]

Climate Activists Resume Weeklong Protest At Capitol

By Matthew Daly And Padmananda Rama, Indian Country Today. -

Indigenous groups and other environmental activists marched to the Capitol Friday as they continued a weeklong protest demanding that Congress and the Biden administration stop new fossil fuel projects and act with greater urgency on climate [...]

Maryland Naval Installation Pollutes Region By Incinerating Munitions

By Pat Elder, Covert Action Magazine. -

The Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division (Indian Head) has conducted open burning/open detonation (OB/OD) of military flares that contain up to 45% of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), according to a report by Citizens for [...]

Washington Demands Acquiescence In Afghanistan

By Brett Kershaw, -

War and conflict rarely benefit the lives of ordinary people. Indeed, the very nature of war is destructive. In the case of Afghanistan, once the US war and occupation ended, any delusive stability or vitality in the nation’s economy collapsed [...]

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee Prepares For Demonstrations

By Elise Brehob, Industrial Worker. -

As 2021 comes to a close, the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is collaborating closely with Jailhouse Lawyers Speak as they organize collective actions inside prisons and jails from August 21 to September 9, 2022. These actions will [...]

Make Gig Work Decent Work

By TYRLC, Socialist Project. -

On most days, Doug Ford’s Conservative government in Ontario does not respond well to problems, or it actively makes things worse. If an election had been called a year-and-a-half ago, Ford would have lost. However, when COVID hit, Ford nearly [...]

Brazil: GM Workers Reject Contract, Continue Strike In Defiance Of Union

By Eduardo Parati, WSWS. -

The readiness of workers to continue their struggle for jobs and decent wages is an expression of the growing resistance of the working class in Brazil and worldwide to the assault on their living conditions and the ruling class’s demand for a [...]

Union Victory For NOLA City Workers As Council Ratifies $15 Minimum Wage

By Gregory E. Williams, Struggle La Lucha. -

On Oct. 7, the New Orleans City Council ratified a $15-an-hour minimum wage for city workers, effective in January. This will be $3.81 more than the paltry $11.19 minimum currently in place. Because of sky-rocketing inflation, $15 dollars [...]

‘Dozens’ Of Oregon Cops Have Paid Dues To The Oath Keepers Militia Group

By Peter Wade, Rolling Stone. -

More than two dozen members of the police and military in Oregon have at one point been members of the Oath Keepers, a far-right anti-government militia group, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported Friday. According to the leaked data obtained [...]

The Obama Presidential Center Will Displace Black People

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

The soon to be constructed Barack Obama Presidential Center poses a great danger to the surrounding Black neighborhoods on the South Shore of Chicago. In fact, thanks to this $500 million, 19-acre homage to the 44th president, there may not be [...]

US Writes Belarus Into Its Familiar Regime-Change Script

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Minsk, Belarus — Quietly, the U.S. national security state is turning up the heat on Belarus, hoping that the ex-Soviet country of 9 million will be the next casualty of its regime-change agenda. This sentiment was made clear in President Joe [...]

Food Sovereignty, A Manifesto For The Future Of Our Planet

It offers a vision for our collective future, and defines the principles around which we organize our daily living and co-exist with Mother Earth. It is a celebration of life and all the diversity around us. It embraces every element of our [...]

Group Home Workers Launch Strike Against Low Wages And Benefits

By Erik Schreiber, WSWS. -

Group home workers in Connecticut went on strike on Tuesday morning after talks with their employer, Sunrise Northeast, broke down. The workers are demanding higher wages, affordable health benefits and pensions. Sunrise runs 28 group home [...]

Community Guards: Self-Protection And Peoples’ Autonomy

By Progressive International. -

An interview with the guard leaders of the Peasant, Cimarrona and Indigenous communities about the processes they have implemented since the beginning of the National Strike in Colombia. For them, self-justice goes beyond exercising authority; [...]