Next FCC Hearing: ‘No Delay On Net Neutrality!’

We are calling on people to attend a rally on December 11 at 9 am outside the FCC at 445 12th St. SW, Washington, DC and then to attend the public meetingĀ at 10:30 am.

Bring a small sign (8 1/2 by 11 suggested) to hold during the meeting. Messages should focus on calling for Title II reclassification now without delay.


1patf9We did it! It’s official that the FCC will not vote on a phony ‘hybrid’ proposal at the next hearing on December 11.

This is good news… and bad news. It’s good that the our pressure forced the FCC to drop their weak rules, but it is bad that the delay gives the Giant Telecoms more time to push for loopholes and back doors and to spread their false information.

We must make a strong push for full reclassification of the Internet under Title II as quickly as possible. No delay!

We need hundreds of people to show up at the next hearing on December 11 at the FCC in Washington, DC with the message “Reclassify Now!”

Will you be there?

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We’ll be increasing the pressure after the New Year to push for Title II now.

The future of the Internet as we know it is literally in our hands. We’ve come farther than anyone thought we could to put Title II on the agenda. We can win, but we need you to take action. Sign and share the action pledge above.