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Nicaragua Against Empire – Part II

Managua Against Empire, an inside look at Managua, Nicaragua, from a revolutionary socialist perspective.

Friday, June 30, WTF returned to Managua, Nicaragua to do follow-up study of Caribbean Coast government funded infrastructure projects and to celebrate the 44th Annivesrary of the Sandinista Revolution on July 19. While on assignment, each week we will share with you segments of the documentary Nicaragua Against Empire. The film journals our March 2021 Sanctions Kill / Friends of the ATC, Nicaragua delegation. From film producer and delegate Ramiro Sebastian Funez:

“In March of 2021, I traveled to Nicaragua as part of a 13-member delegation. The trip was organized by the Sanctions Kill coalition and the Friends of the Rural Workers’ Association, known as the ATC.

We traveled to Nicaragua to understand the effects of imperialist sanctions on ordinary Nicaraguans and how they’re fighting back. We also witnessed the wide range of social advancements carried out by the Sandinista Revolution.

For eleven days, we traveled across diverse parts of Nicaragua. We visited the urban sprawls of Managua, the rural countryside of Estelí, and the tropical Caribbean coastline of Bilwi.

We met and spoke with locals and grassroots activists to see the reality of Nicaragua. What we saw was completely different from what we see on imperialist mainstream media.”

Producer and host: Ramiro Sebastian Funez

WTF is Going on in Latin America is a Popular Resistance (Stop the Machine! Create a New World) broadcast in partnership with: Black Alliance for Peace Haiti/Americas Team; CODEPINK: Women For Peace; Common Frontiers; Council on Hemispheric Affairs; Friends of Latin America; IRTF – The InterReligious Task Force on Central America; Massachusetts Peace Action; and Task Force on the Americas. This week we are excited to welcome into our broadcast partner family!

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