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June 18 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

A conference making the links between nuclear abolition, social and economic justice and moving the global economy to a path in balance with the planet’s ecosystems.SUNDAY_CARD1_WEB-30-300x200

The process that initiated negotiations for a ban on nuclear weapons has raised awareness of the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons.

But despite growing mobilizations for social and economic justice and moving the global economy to a path in balance with the planet’s ecosystems, in the nuclear-armed states there still are no significant movements for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

To build a global movement to abolish nuclear weapons, we must also better understand and raise public awareness of the renewed danger that nuclear weapons could be used in warfare. And if this movement is to garner enough power to be successful, it must make common cause with those working for a world that is more fair, more democratic, and more ecologically sustainable.

This conference will highlight the impact of nuclear arms on the diverse communities most directly impacted by their development, testing and use. There will be opportunities for networking and conversation!

The conference will cover:

1. Survivors Resist: Humanitarian Consequences

Moderator:  Sally Jones (Peace Action Fund NYS)SUNDAY_CARD1_WEB-35-300x200

Speakers: Hidankyo (Japan Confederation of A & H Bomb Sufferers’), Iram Ali (MoveOn), Kathy Sanchez  (TEWA Women United, Indigenous elder), Tina Stege (Marshallese Edcatational Initiative)

2. Nuclear Arms: Causes, Effects and Movements Against

Moderator: Jackie Cabasso (Western States Legal Foundation)

Speakers: Vincent Intondi (Author of African-Americans Against the Bomb), Andy Lichterman (Western States Legal Foundation), Sharon Dolev (Israeli Disarmament Movement)

3. Organizing for Nuclear Disarmament: Youth in the Lead

Moderator: Jim Anderson (Peace Action New York State, Citizen Action)

Speakers: Marzhan Nurzhan (Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, Kazakhstan), Kate Alexander (Peace Action New York State), Marzhan Nurzhan – Kazakhstan. PNND Coordinator for CIS countries, Abolition 2000 Youth Working Group, Takae Hironaka (Hiroshima Democratic Youth League and 3rd generation Hibakusha), Uday Pratap Singh (Amplify Youth Network for Nuclear Abolition)

4. Ban Treaty and Beyond

Moderator: Joseph Gerson (American Friends Service Committee)

Speakers: Hiroshi Takai (Gensuikyo), John Burroughs (Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy), Alyn Ware (Unfold Zero),  Arielle Denis (International Peace Bureau)


June 18

1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Peace and Planet


Brooklyn Friends Meeting
110 Schermerhorn St
Brooklyn, New York, NY United States+ Google Map

Phone: +1 617-661-6130

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