#NoDAPL Begins Week Of Actions

Dear Relatives,

Thank you for your patience!

As you know, The Department of the Army has granted the final easement permit that is needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline! Drilling has begun! We need you now!

Here is how you can TAKE ACTION NOW:

PRAY! Pray for our community, our People, our Families, our Children and all those who depend on the clean water from the Missouri River.

We are calling all able bodied, prepared Water Protectors to the frontlines! Come to camp prepared! The conditions are hazardous and North Dakota State Legislature is passing laws that target Water Protectors! Be prepared for these conditions. Several contingents of US Veterans are on their way back to camp. Join us! We need you now! This is our last stand!

  • Please view this update from Chase Iron Eyes on LastRealIndians.

The Global Solidarity Team is calling for a week of sustained action from February 12th-17th!

Let’s “Show Some Love” to some of our targets:

  • Host Valentine’s Day Card Making Parties!

  1. Here are some sample messages for the cards.

  2. Take a look at this article for some addresses to send the cards to!

  • Host NVDA events targeting these locations:

  1. Here are some general targets (Banks, ACOE HQ’s, Corporate HQ’s, Trump Towers & Golf Courses)

  2. Here are some more specific targets :)

    1. Here are some printable flyers for some of these targets.

    2. Here are some JPEG’s for social media of the same targets.

Again, check out our website for updates, targets, groups to fund and calls to action!

Lastly, the NoDAPL Global Solidarity Campaign currently share access to our website, mailchimp, Zoom and Maestro systems with other amazing organizations. We are trying to raise enough funds to operate on our own. To directly support the operating costs of this specific campaign please donate here.

Thank you for your continued support and efforts!

In Solidarity,

#NoDAPL Global Solidarity Team