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NoDAPL Water Protector Sentenced To Thirty-Six Months By Federal Judge

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Bismarck, ND – Michael “Little Feather” Giron was sentenced by Chief Judge Daniel Hovland to thirty six months for Civil Disorder charges stemming from the October 27th, 2016 defense of the Oceti Sakowin treaty camp during the #NoDAPL movement.


Leoyla Cowboy and Little Feather

The treaty camp, erected in the direct path of the Dakota Access Pipeline, was eventually evicted by State, Federal and Private police forces. Little Feather joined hundreds in defense of the camp and was charged by the federal government for his actions.

The sentencing marks the first of a series of defendants awaiting trial and sentencing from charges brought forward against them by the United States government.

Little Feather, incarcerated since March 9, 2017, was originally charged with Use of Fire to Commit a Federal Felony Offense and Civil Disorder. Through a change of plea to a non-cooperating plea agreement on February 8th, 2018, the Use of Fire to Commit Federal Felony Offense was dropped.

Chief Judge Daniel Hovland who presided over the trial told Little Feather “It seems as though you’ve turned things around in your life, sir…I commend you for that.”

Little Feather’s wife Leoyla Cowboy said,

We are so grateful to finally be able to start counting the days until Little Feather will return home to his family and community and we appreciate all the amazing support we have received.”

Little Feather has already served fifteen months that will count as time served. The federal sentencing comes as Red Fawn Fallis awaits sentencing on June 25th, 2018 and Michael “Rattler” Markus awaits sentencing on May 30th, 2018. Currently, Dion Ortiz and James “Angry Bird” White are preparing for federal trial. Brandon J Nastacio “Bravo One” and Brandon Aaron Miller-Castillo are also facing federal charges.

The first federal sentencing comes alongside ongoing state-level trials. According to the Water Protector Legal Collective website, as of May 2 2018, there have been 835 state criminal cases connected to the #NoDAPL movement, of those: 328 have been dismissed, 24 acquitted at trial, 115 received a pretrial diversion, 127 have reached plea agreement and 16 have been convicted at trial.

Press Release from the Water Protector Legal Collective:


To learn more about the federal, state and private collusion to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline, please watch our feature length documentary, “Black Snake Killaz: a #NoDAPL story.”

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