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#NoDAPL: What You Can Do To Help

Above photo: From NoDAPL Solidarity

North Dakota – The news coming out of Standing Rock from yesterday [Oct. 27, 2016] is sickening — elders, young people, children all attacked by Energy Transfer Partners-funded police. People were shot with rubber bullets, beaten with sticks, maced and pepper sprayed.

Please join us on a call on Sunday (10/30) at 8PM ET/6PM PT to discuss how we can all mobilize to support land defenders as part of the Global Solidarity Campaign led by the Red Warrior Camp on Standing Rock. Register here.

In the light of police escalation, the Red Warrior Camp on Standing Rock has put out the below call to action.

The Red Warrior Camp calls on all People from around the world to take action and join the Global Solidarity Campaign. If you live on this land, breathe the air and drink water, this is your fight too.

Our Brothers, Sisters and Protectors are putting their bodies and lives on the line everyday on the front lines in Standing Rock. FIRST AND FOREMOST, WE CALL UPON ALL PROTECTORS TO COME STAND WITH US ON THE FRONTLINES. If you cannot be physically present, you can still take escalated action to stop the pipeline and support our struggle.

The projected in service date for the Dakota Access Pipeline is January 1st, 2017. With that date quickly approaching, we are calling for two months of sustained waves of action targeting the Army Corp of Engineers, investors, pipeline companies, security firms and elected officials who are behind this project. We need to hold these institutions, corporations and individuals accountable and put pressure on them to stop this pipeline.

14600870_1795687717386925_6442306595098960007_nThese are the ways to join the fight:

1. Organize yourself and/or large groups of people from your community to come to Standing Rock. Contact us at to discuss details and schedule a time frame.

2. Take action in your own communities. Target the Army Corp of Engineers, banks, pipeline companies, corporations and elected officials behind the pipeline. Taking action includes lock-downs at offices, sit-ins, taking up space, rallies, call-in days, divesting from banks, mass mailings and interruptions. Register your action here to join our network of Global Solidarity or to see potential action targets where you live!

3. Send monetary support to Official Red Warrior Camp Fund and Official Legal Fund.  

We want people to recognize that this fight is much larger than Standing Rock. When the Dakota Access Pipeline is defeated, the fight is not over. There are communities around the world fighting against the exact same corporations and systems that we currently fight against in Standing Rock. This is about Indigenous rights, Human rights and the rights of Mother Earth being violated for corporations and their profit. This is about a capitalist system that allows for these violations to continue around the World. This is about recognizing that with the energy created at Standing Rock and those organizing at Standing Rock have a responsibility to uplift the shared struggles of ALL Peoples, from all directions of Mother Earth if we wish to pass down a healthy world to future generations.

Additionally, recognizing that we are being charged with illegal activities for simply protecting the water, we are taking back our power and charging the pipeline companies, banks and individuals behind this project with crimes against Humanity and crimes against Mother Earth. The Dakota Access Pipeline is in direct violation of the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, most especially around the right to free and prior informed consent, desecration, redress, militarization, development, treaties and judicial proceedings.

In addition, the Dakota Access Pipeline is in direct violation of the United Nation’s Declaration of Universal Human Rights, most especially in regards to the right to security of person, the right to not be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The sacredness and power of the Water is what brought us together. It is what connects us. We cannot lose sight of that. That is why we are asking people to use the hashtag #WorldWaterOne

Please join us on a call on Sunday (10/30) at 8PM ET/6PM PT to discuss specific plans to stand in solidarity with the Indigenous Protectors on Standing Rock. Register now.  

Please stay active and check out the website to get involved!


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