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#NoMuslimBanEver: Taking It To The Streets

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Washington, DC – This past Wednesday, October 18, over 3,000 people from all over the country convened in Washington, DC, for the national #NoMuslimBanEver mobilization. Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) staff members joined the march from the White House to the Trump International Hotel.

The #NoMuslimBanEver campaign was a grassroots awareness and mobilization campaign that happened during the weeks leading up to Wednesday, October 18, the day that the third iteration of Trump’s Muslim Ban was slated to take effect. On Tuesday night, a federal judge in Hawaii temporarily blocked the ban. The crowd at the rally was jubilant at this news, though as Linda Sarsour — one of the campaign’s organizers, and the emcee for the event — reminded us, the struggle to overturn the ban is not over. But, she added, “the biggest threat to a white supremacist agenda is solidarity and unity.”

It is vital to send an unequivocal message to this administration that we will not stop resisting racist and inhumane policies, and CCR will continue to resist in the courts and in the streets.

See photos from along the way on CCR’s Facebook page.

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