Nonviolent Drone Resister Sentenced To One Year in Prison

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Grandmother of Three was Convicted of Violating Strange ‘Order of Protection’ for Colonel of the Drone Base

On July 10, grandmother of three, Mary Anne Grady Flores was sentenced to one year in prison after being found guilty of violating an Order of Protection. A packed courtroom of over 100 supporters was stunned as she was led away, and vowed to continue the resistance.

These Orders of Protection, typically used in domestic violence situations or to protect a victim or witness to a crime, have been issued to people participating in nonviolent resistance actions at Hancock Air Base since late 2012. The base, near Syracuse NY, pilots unmanned Reaper drones over Afghanistan, and trains drone pilots, sensor operators and maintenance technicians. The orders had been issued to “protect” Colonel Earl Evans, Hancock’s mission support commander, who wanted to keep protesters “out of his driveway.”

Mary Anne began her sentencing statement with, “Your honor, a series of judicial perversions brings me here before you tonight.” She concluded that the “final perversion is the reversal of who is the real victim here: the commander of a military base whose drones kill innocent people halfway around the world, or those innocent people themselves who are the real ones in need of protection from the terror of US drone attacks?”

The orders of protection are being challenged on many legal grounds.

Mary Anne had been issued a temporary order in 2012. The following year, she photographed a nonviolent witness at the base, but not participating herself because she did not want to violate the order. The irony is that those who actually participated in the action were acquitted, while Mary Anne was charged with violating the order.

Even though the pre-sentencing report recommended no jail time, Judge Gideon sentenced Mary Anne to the maximum of a year in prison. As he imposed his sentence, the judge referred to his previous Hancock decision. He had stated then and insinuated now, “This has got to stop.”

In addition, Mary Anne was fined $1000 plus a $205 court surcharge and a $50 fee to have her DNA collected.

Her verdict is being appealed.

For information on how to support Mary Anne, contact Ellen Grady at


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  • oprichniki

    More BS from Obama and his terrorists.

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  • Ken Adams

    Well, that’s one guaranteed way to get anyone reading the comment to tune out. Though, beyond that, a content-free comment anyway.

    It’d be nice to know some background on the judge.

  • DoubleCheck

    This sick joke of a judge doesn’t understand that what need to stop is American terrorism by drone.

  • DoubleCheck

    You’re right. Such honesty cannot be appreciated by the brainwashed now populating America.

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  • qualityrkc

    Is there still a disconnect between what activists are protesting and who they believe is responsible? It isn’t smart to tell the protestors that they are protesting Obama? Cognitive dissonance is alive and well apparently. Obama is just as bad as Bush and nobody should shy away from saying it. We didn’t shy away from calling Bush a terrorist so why do you flinch when you hear the same about Obama?

  • Ken Adams

    Hyperbole (in particular the use of the word “terrorist” above) doesn’t sway anyone. It just calls attention to the user. And, the comment I referred to was just noise, as such. That’s what I was saying. Nothing more.

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  • qualityrkc

    It is important to call Obama what he is: a terrorist.

  • Husband of the Moonlight

    As an activist I have been jailed many times; indeed one must expect it.
    The sentence here whether local or federal will serve to assure this wonderful woman that she has done the right thing for herself and her cause. When she wins an appeal; she can sue for damages and all the while write a book about her experiences enhancing the lives of all who read it. Not to mention enjoy the rewards for writing a good book.
    She seems to me to be able to ‘take the heat in the kitchen’; she is a true hero and should be hailed as one.
    Thank you dear lady for your courage, and your integrity; your nation lacks both.
    Husband of the Moonlight

  • Scion

    Let me know when he starts an illegal war another country and then I’ll call him Bush3.0

  • Margaret Flowers

    Do illegal acts of war count? What about murdering people with drones in countries like Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia…? What about attacking Libya and murdering their leader? What about spending billions in Ukraine to destabilize it and put ‘our person’ in charge? What about arming people in Syria to oppose Assad?

  • qualityrkc

    Libya ring a bell? How about Pakistan? You make it too easy.

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  • christ_bearer

    Where is Obama on this?? I am sick to my stomach.. we no longer live in “America”..

  • kevinzeese

    Thanks for your comment. I can see your perspective. The headline was from the press release of the group in Syracuse and was written by a woman.

    Another way to look at a grandmother taking these actions is grandmothers are tied to family values, wisdom and strength. Further it shows how mainstream the movement against drones is becoming.

    While I do not remember a “Grandfather” headline, I do remember “Father” being in headlines.

    But, you make a good point that we need to keep in mind in the future. Thanks.