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North American Truckers’ Movements Announce International Alliance

Above photo: Rudolfo Dorantes.

NOTE: Clearing the FOG interviewed Billy Randel of Truckers Movement for Justice for the May Day episode this year. Listen here (interview begins around 47 minutes in).

Mexico City, MX – Tamexun and Truckers Movement for Justice will formally meet in person for the first time, and are publicly announcing their historic international alliance.

Tamexun, based in the United Mexican States, is an association formed to stop the exploitation of truckers, and is celebrating its fifth anniversary with Saturday’s demonstration. Truckers Movement for Justice (TMJ), based in the United States of America, is a grassroots organization focused on economic issues affecting truckers and the trucking industry. Tamexun and TMJ are both comprised of truckers: company employees, lease-operators, and small carrier owner-operators.

A few months ago, TMJ contacted Tamexun in an effort to further explore the state of North American trucking. Both organizations have shared and compared issues that truckers face on either side of the border. TMJ’s invitation to form into an international alliance was accepted, and Tamexun in turn invited TMJ to attend its fifth anniversary celebration on Saturday, the 26th of August. Both labor organizations are looking forward to jointly addressing adverse working conditions and other injustices truckers are facing in both countries, together in solidarity.

Here is an interview with Billy Randel on More Perfect Union:

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