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November 1: Block The Boat Tampa

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Block the Boat Tampa will be making waves at the Port once again when the ZIM Alabama docks, attempting to unload goods in our community.

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is an Israeli owned cargo shipping company which docks in port cities from coast to coast offloading internationally shipped products. They are being protested on nearly every shore they sail to along coastal cities because of the siege, occupation and oppression of the people in the embattled enclave that is the Gaza Strip- Because of their colonization and exploitation of Palestinian land, labor and resources.

We act in the spirit of the those who fought apartheid and institutionalized racism in South Africa. We act against the genocidal actions carried out by Israeli forces.

And now, our fourth major action at the Port of Tampa- we put out a call to action. This ship will NOT be delayed unless EVERYONE is at the port at 5am to show united resistance to our Longshoremen Local 1402 labor union’s complicity in occupation and exploitation through their handling goods from an apartheid state, something that goes against the rich and radical history of the socially conscious, socially active Longshoremen’s unions-

1tampaZIM Alabama can wait.
Gaza cannot.

The 4th Wave of Block the Boat Actions

November 1, 2014


Port of Tampa

2002 Maritime Blvd, Tampa FL

If you want to help us in our organizing, contact us.

If you know of a venue for us to promote BTB, contact us.

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