Now Age Conversations: “Spearheading Creative, Direct Action”

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For this edition of Now Age Conversations I speak with Reverend Billy Talen, the force behind the Church of Stop Shopping, whose been employing tactics of creative, direct action to bring awareness to issues from consumerism to militarism. Currently, Billy is focussed on the issue of Roundup use in America’s public parks and playgrounds, unbeknownst to the local residents. With FOIA (Freedom of Information requests), Billy and his group have successfully revealed the precise locations in several, large American cities where Roundup is being used for weed control.

What’s inspiring and instructive about Reverend Billy’s movement of direct action, is that it’s an example of what’s effective and necessary in the post-political world we’re rapidly entering into. We all need the guts and fortitude that Billy and his troupe exhibit – he’s been arrested over seventy times! – in order to affect the change this country so desperately needs.