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Note: In addition to the actions below in Washington, DC there are actions being planned all over the country on April 18th. Join one or organize one for this International Day of Action, see here. And, in the meantime visit and call your representatives. The next three weeks are going to be determinative as to whether we succeed in stopping fast track for rigged trade agreements. And, here are other ways to get involved.

Fast Track Resisters,

The Senate Finance Committee is gearing up to introduce a Fast Track bill next week! The Committee, and Congress in general, are getting lots of pressure (and money) from Obama and the multinational corporations to pass Fast Track. When the bill drops (if it does) there will be a powerful people’s response across the country and around the world. In D.C., we are calling this the “No Fast Track People’s Block,” a constant stream of actions to stop Fast Track and rigged corporate deals like the TPP and TTIP. Here is a preliminary schedule and some ideas.

No Fast Track People’s Block Schedule (D.C. Area)

April 14
Action against corruption of the Senate Finance Committee.
Meet: downstairs food court of Union Station at 11AM

April 15
Rally to Stop Fast Track
Includes leaders from Labor, Congress, Environment, and Communities
Meet: Upper Senate Park, 11AM

April 16
1. Action at Congress to Stop Fast Track
Bring as many people as you can to protest for this key day!
Meet: downstairs food court of Union Station at 11AM

2. Morning action at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) led by Meet in downstairs foodcourt of Union Station at 8AM. Contact:

April 17
No Fast Track Rally Outside of Rep. Steny Hoyer’s Office
Meet: Outside Hoyer’s office at 401 Post Office Road Waldorf, MD at 1PM
Contact: Mina Itabashi,

April 18
Global day of Action (includes actions the week before and after)
For action listings see:, and

April 20
Rally to Stop Fast Track–Don’t Trade Our Future!
Rally at noon at the Office of US Trade Rep-600 17th Street NW
Meet: AFL-CIO Headquarters, 815 16th Street NW at 11:30.

April 20-24
Protest TTIP Negotiations in New York City

April 21
Likely day of Protest in D.C., depending on political situation.

April 22
EPA to the Pentagon Earth day Protest: Stop Ecocide, Stop Fast Track

April 28
Protest Japanese Prime Minister Visit to the White House

These next couple of weeks are extremely important in this long battle to stop Fast Track. Please get involved in whatever way you can.

In addition to actions listed here, we need to be flexible and vigilant for protest opportunities that may come up last minute, so stay on alert for updates!

If you have ideas, concerns, questions, or know of other events in the area, please

Here is the FB page:
See you in the streets and the halls of power.

  • DHFabian

    This is a weird era. On one related point: Much of the media marketed to libs have gone into overdrive to sell H. Clinton. I’m not sure if many people understand how our political system works: With rare exception, the vice-president goes on to run for president. VP Joe Biden will be launching his campaign later in summer. Any Dem pol can challenge him for the nomination, of course, likely splitting Dem voters to ensure a 2016 Dem Party defeat. That said — Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA. Before deciding to play candidate, Hillary Clinton worked at promoting the TPP. What can we think about those media people will rail against the TPP in one breath, and promote Clinton in the next?

  • WeAreMany

    Rail against something in one breath then go on to support it…..that sounds like every politician on almost every issue in history. No surprises. Nothing new. And honestly, I think it’s kind of a waste of time to focus too much energy on what is meant to be political theater and a distraction from real organizing. If you want to actually make a difference, organize. Get out there and find other people with the same interests and start taking real action against this system instead of playing into their stupid games.

  • michael pierce

    United We Stand!!!! let us not get into the insanity of party politics!!! To hell with the politicians! Fighting This monster free trade deal is the unifying cause. This coming period will reveal the evil corrupt political machine for all that it is: the Demopublicans and the Republocrats, all whores and servants of Wall Street, 1% globalists. The issue is American sovereignity, and independence, our freedom to choose, and shape our futures. Conservatives who believe in sovereignity must oppose this trade deal, Liberals who believe in workers/labor rights, the environment and freedom must oppose this. This can and must be a broad based coalition of all people who value freedom and justice. I will share a paraphrased version of the famous “cross of gold” speech given by the populist William Jennings Bryan in 1896: “…having behind us the toiling masses, and the farmers we will answer their demands for free trade by saying: You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns; You shall not crucify mankind to a cross of globalism.”