NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions On Cyber Center With Controversial Ties To Israeli Intelligence

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Above Photo: Graphic by Claudio Cabrera

New York City taxpayers are on the hook for a multi-million dollar cyber center in the heart of Manhattan with deep ties to Israel’s high-tech intelligence apparatus.

  • mwildfire

    Incredible and beyond horrifying. I suppose the scenario involving cancelled USA elections is because they’re worried about Sanders winning, but beyond that no Democrat would be a rabidly pro-Israel and as unconcerned about corruption and fascism as Trump–so they want to ensure his reelection. If this is all true it needs spread about far and wide and loud.

  • dan

    Ironically, there’s a progressive group critical of Israel’s policies abroad and in US, with the same letters JVP: Jewish Voices For Peace….

  • Steven Berge

    As if we taxpayers don’t already subsidize Israel enough. We have to help them with our tax money, while at the same time they work to keep us from boycotting Israeli products from occupied territories. What a conflict of interest, we have to help fund something we don’t like, and we can’t legally (in some states) choose not to buy their products. Can’t believe we have to subsidize their spying on us and our government too. What a horrendous screw job being perpetrated on the U.S. people.